Monday, 11 August 2014

Africa Fashion Week Manchester 2014 | Highlights

I had my first taste of (AFWL) on Saturday with my friend Joyce (pictured above).

It was the fourth edition of the event and was held at Manchester's Olympia in Kensington. The event was spread across two days (Friday 8th & Sat 9th August), showcasing collections from over 50 Designers. AFWL was founded by Ronke Ademiluyi and the first event launched in 2011. AFWL has been held annually in various locations across Manchester since.

What I love about AFWL is the event gives African and African-inspired fashion a platform in the UK and also puts the spotlight on emerging African designers. I saw 3 catwalk shows on Saturday and managed to get a sneaky peek at the backstage action thanks to official hair sponsor of the show .

There were various vendors at the event and the stall which really caught my eye was  (snaps of the wraps are in the second group of pictures below). There were also so many gorgeous outfits and hairstyles, and not just from those walking the catwalk! I had so much fun at the event and I took so many photos. Below is a small glimpse of what the event was like and I'll be posting what I wore in a separate post soon. 

Designers clockwise from bottom left AAMAA a la Mode (for Daviva) | G 321 | Njema Helena | Anthi G | RAAH

Top left models wearing Sylvia Owori | Bottom left Hairstylists 

Have you ever attended Africa Fashion Week Manchester or similar events?

Christine Stewart x

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