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Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentines Day Beauty 2017

Looking back at last year's Valentine's Day makeup post made me realise how much the products I use and my approach to beauty in general has changed in the past year and I think this makeup look really reflects that.

I try to keep a 'natural' base now and wear less foundation in general. Before my foundation always had to be high coverage because I felt like every inch of my flaws had to be covered. I think the change is mostly as I'm a lot more confident in myself as a person and less caring when it comes to what others think of me or the fact that I didn't bother to conceal that annoying spot on my chin. I've (finally) accepted that my skin won't ever look perfect too. I have under-eye bags, hormonal acne, smile lines and random broken capillaries and it's okay if the world sees that (occasionally).

I started by priming with Smashbox's new Radiance Primer which I've been using on and off since it launched in January. It highlights the skin and makes it look really dewy and you can also use it over makeup for an added glow. Next I applied a little of the EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation which gives pretty light and natural-looking coverage. It doesn't really cover scarring or blemishes but I love that this evens out my skintone and gives a smooth finish without it being really obvious I'm wearing makeup. I swept a few shades from the new NARS unfiltered cheek palette over my lids and cheeks for a pop of colour and extra highlight. This palette is so amazingly pigmented I had to have a really light hand with this! I then filled in my brows, added a little mascara and a simple slick of gloss on my lips to finish as I didn't want to look too overdone.

Smashbox Radiance Primer*
EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation (7.0)

Highlight & Blush 
NARS Unfiltered I Cheek Palette (Watch Me & Me First)*

3ina Lip Oil Balm (Rasberry)*

NARS Unfiltered I Cheek Palette (Me First, Out There & Chic)* 
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (Black)

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pen (05 Medium)

NARS Pressed Powder (Eden) 

*samples - read my disclaimer .

How will you be wearing your makeup for Valentine's Day? 

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | July 2016

I haven't featured a beauty box on my blog since the end of last year and in all honesty it's because I felt like a lot of beauty box brands had lost their sparkle a little. Many included brands or products I had no interest in trying and I ended up with endless samples of products I was unlikely to ever buy. The latest edition from Look Fantastic is the most excited I've been about a beauty box recently. It features beauty tailored towards summer hair and skin. Inside July's edition is (from left to right) Mi Ti Professional Hair Tie 3pk (£4.95), Bellápierre Cosmetics Pink Cheek & Lip Stain (£12.99), Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or (full size £19/50ml), Kebelo Silk Anti-Frizz Cream (full size £16.99/50ml), This Works In Transit Camera Close-up (full size £30/40ml) and Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil in 06 Deep (full size £18.50)*

Given that my hair tangles around itself and pretty much anything it comes into contact with you'd think I'd avoid products like the Mi Ti Professional Hair Ties and initially I did. Anything that says it's for all hair-types usually isn't but these telephone-cord shaped work so well on my hair whether it's curly or straight. These types of ties don't leave pronounced dents in the hair and give a good hold without the tension. I know where to get more now when I need a refill. 

I'm only familiar with Bellápierre Cosmetics thanks to beauty boxes and whilst I love the quality of their products I've not been enticed enough to buy anything from them yet. The Pink Cheek & Lip Stain is far more pigmented than I was expecting and gives a pretty pop of pink on my cheeks but it's no match for my darkly-toned lips. As a result I'm not sure how well this particular shade would work for darker skin.

I've seen the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or pop up on a few of my favourite blogs but I just couldn't find a real reason to buy it. It's a multi-purpose dry oil which you can use on your body, face or hair and it gives a really subtle but beautiful shimmer. It's a great product to have but more of a want than a need.

The Kebelo Silk Anti-Frizz Cream did de-frizz my dry ends well when applied after slightly dampening with water. The full-size product is just too tiny for me as I tend to get through so much product.

The beauty blogging community peaked my interest in This Works In Transit Camera Close-up a couple of years ago but I read a few mixed reviews. It's a 3-in-1 product, combining a mask, moisturiser and primer and it has Victoria Beckham's seal of approval. I haven't tried it yet but I do love the idea of simplified skincare.

I've been using (and loving) a couple of products from the newly launched brow collection from Benefit and the Goof Proof Brow Pencil is something I haven't tried yet. I'm not usually a fan of brow pencils but it's a quick way to fill in any sparse areas so I'm sure this sample-sized version will see a lot of use.

Overall I really liked this box mostly as there were a few products here which I've wanted to try for some time. This box is available for £15 for a monthly subscription which is worth it providing you're interested in the brands/products included. I still think beauty box brands in general need to offer more options for customisation as it is so hard to make a box which will appeal to everyone but I really loved this edition. 

You can get this month's box and the products inside from Look Fantastic 

*sample - read my disclaimer .

Have you tried a beauty box before?

Christine Stewart x

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Review | Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I've definitely become more of a fan of mascara in recent months and currently the Benefit Roller Lash is the mascara I always reach for.

I was happy to get the sample version of this mascara in Glamour magazine a couple of months ago as there's been a lot of buzz around this product in the beauty sphere, but at £19.50 I didn't think I'd ever get to try this. I've had a few benefit products before, and loved them, but the cost is just a bit too high for me, especially as I stick to throwing out old mascaras every 6 months.

Cost aside this is a great little product. The design of the mascara wand is slightly curved and it gently pulls up the lashes whilst coating it in mascara. It's supposed to help curl straight lashes but where my lashes are naturally curly anyway I haven't noticed a huge difference in this. It does define and lengthen each lash however.

The formula is buildable which I love as there's no clumpy, spider-effect. I'm a bit clumsy when it comes to mascara application (mostly as it's done amidst my morning commute to work), so thankfully this has a comb-style mascara wand making it easy to apply without making a mess. This mascara stays put pretty well too. I've been rubbing my eyes a lot lately (due to hayfever) and this stuff doesn't budge at all.

In all definitely a winning mascara, though the cost does put me off buying the full-size version. I'm definitely going to enjoy this sample size whilst it lasts!

Have you tried any Benefit products?

Christine Stewart x

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Review | Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream

I got a sample of this when I purchased Benefit's Gimme Brow Volumizing Fibre Gel a few months ago. I haven't ever tried Benefit skincare products before so I was curious how this would fare against my usual drug-store and Clarins favourites.

The cream itself is really rich and buttery. It smells absolutely beautiful and the packaging is so cute (but probably not that practical). The full-size product usually retails at £28.50 for 48.2g of product and it's suited to dry or normal skin types. I'd say my skin type is more combination, mostly oily but with a few dry patches. As the product is really thick I've avoided putting it over the whole of my face so I don't aggravate the oiliness. Instead I've been using this moisturiser for the last couple of weeks just on the dry areas and it's really helped soften them up and keep them hydrated. My face feels much smoother overall and feels more even.

Benefit claims this product contains an 'exclusive tri-radiance complex to help develop the skin's reserves of water'. I agree that it kept my usually dry patches hydrated but I couldn't see anything particularly special in the ingredients unfortunately, apart from Mango Butter. In fact the ingredients aren't hugely different from some of the drug-store brands I have in my beauty stash so I'm not sure the high-end price is entirely justified.

The product has lasted pretty well considering the size, but I have been using it sparingly. I could see myself buying similar products from Benefit when this product runs out, but I wouldn't buy this exact product as it seems like a huge expense for something I'd only use on small areas of my face.

Have you tried anything from Benefit? 

Christine Stewart x

Sunday, 6 July 2014

FOTD | The Bright Lip

I haven't done a makeup look in a long time and that's because I rarely change my makeup routine. I usually apply a different lipstick and that's about it. Most of the lipsticks I own are pretty safe tones ranging from pink to brown but I do have a few which push me out of my comfort zone, like the lipstick I'm wearing here. I bought this Barry M Lip Paint (151) quite some time ago but I've barely worn it probably as I've never felt like I could pull this look off.

That said, this lipstick is the perfect stand-out lip for summer but as it is so bright I kept the rest of my makeup very simple here. I applied a small amount of foundation to my skin and used a little NC42 concealer from MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium Deep for dark spots on my face. I then used the burnt coral shade from the MAC palette on the apples of my cheeks. I followed my usual routine for my brows and set them in place with a little Gimme Brow. I kept makeup on my eyes minimal, opting for just a little Thick & Fast mascara. I wanted a slight glow so highlighted my face with the brightest shade from Sleek Makeup Glo. I finished off by dusting some Ben Nye Banana Powder on my T-zone. 

1 Sleek Makeup Glo in Bronze Baby | 2 Ben Nye Banana Powder | 3 Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Dark | 4 MAC Pro Conceal Palette in Medium Deep | 5 MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC42 | 6 Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium Deep | 7 Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara | 8 Barry M Lip Paint in 151

What makeup looks have you done recently? 

Christine Stewart x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Review | Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

My brow routine hasn't changed that much over the last year, until now that is with the launch of Benefit's Gimme Brow (£17.50). I'm in love with fibre lash mascara and essentially this product is the all-in-one brow version.

I bought Gimme Brow a couple of weeks ago and I'm impressed with how quick it is to shape my eyebrows now. I have wonky and sparse brows so I always feel like my makeup isn't complete if they aren't filled in. However, I don't want to spend ages trying to draw on the perfect brows every morning. The formula for Gimme works by sticking to the eyebrow hairs and skin to fill them out with just a few strokes of the product. This gives my brows a groomed and naturally filled in appearance so easily. After I've used this product my brows are set perfectly and the formula lasts fantastically throughout the day. If I have time, I prefer to use Gimme Brow in conjunction with the Sleek Makeup Brow Kit for a more bold brow, but the product works great by itself.

The actual product is tiny! The wand is so small, it's perfect for getting just the right amount of product onto my brows without any mishaps. This only comes in two colours, light medium and medium deep. I got medium deep and it suits the colour of my brows so well. Here's how it looks on with no other products used on my brows.

I don't usually spend a lot on makeup (with the exception of foundation and concealer) so this product was more on the expensive side for me but I'd happily buy it again when it runs out. I got Gimme Brow from as they were doing 10% off beauty products 2 weeks ago. It's also available from other department stores nationwide and online retailers.

Would you or have you tried Benefit Gimme Brow?

Christine Stewart x