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Monday, 24 July 2017

Hair | Braid maintenance

Braids are a great protective style and every Summer the humidity has me itching to try them again. I had my hair cornrowed at Salon* recently (see my last style here) and it's been good to give my natural hair a break from daily styling. The fro is back now, but my hair feels so much better after being tucked away for a couple of weeks. I don't change my routine massively but I've outlined a few ways I care for my hair whilst it's braided up below.

Keep styling light
Hair that's braided doesn't tend to need as much moisture as when it's left exposed to the elements. When using products I find it's best not to oversaturate the hair or use heavy products as this only results in build-up. A little of a light moisturiser spritzed over the hair daily is usually all that's needed to give the hair moisture - look for milky rather than creamy products so it can be absorbed easily by the hair. I've been using  (£9.00/236.5ml) * or (£26/100ml)*. Both make my hair feel refreshed and I only need to spray a little over my braids. You can also just dilute your usual moisturiser or conditioner by adding a little water to it in a separate spray bottle. The idea is to give your hair a boost without overdoing it. I also like to apply a little of the (£6.99/120ml) with a toothbrush to smooth my baby hairs/edges but again I don't overdo it to prevent build-up.

Cotton sheets tend to soak up moisture and can cause friction on the hair as you move about whilst you sleep. To keep braids as smooth as possible whilst I sleep I'll protect them with a satin or silk scarf or pillowcase as these materials are gentle on the hair. I purchased most of my satin pillowcases from H&M but you can pick them up in a few places and scarves/headwraps can be bought from most Afro/Caribbean haircare stores.

Avoid scratching
Sometimes that itch creeps in and getting my hands up in my scalp for a good scratch is so tempting but it will cause braids to loosen and could damage your scalp. Instead gently pat or try applying a little of a natural oil or an oil mix into your scalp for relief. I like to massage in a little of the  (£7.60/120ml) or  (£21.50/30ml)* following moisturising.

Dry Shampoo
As a curly I've been engineered to be wary of both of these words so I avoided using dry shampoo on my curls for a long time. The right dry shampoo can refresh when you can't wash - look for one that's moisturising and doesn't leave residue. I've been using (£4.49/200ml)*. I spray a small amount throughout my roots and gently massage in. It smells so good and gives a quick refresh.

Deep cleanse
Cleansing with water too frequently can make the style loosen quicker - especially if your hair had to be blown out or straightened to braid in the first place. I'd much rather be comfortable and have a clean scalp so I'll remove any buildup after a few days but it's up to you how often you cleanse. I don't use any special shampoos or conditioners for my braids, only what I use normally - but I dilute everything I use with water in a separate spray bottle before applying as this makes it easier to remove from the braids. I tend to only concentrate on my scalp so this is the only area I'll get wet and then I use a damp cloth to wipe away any residue / build-up on the length of the braids.

*samples and complimentary hairstyle - read my disclaimer .

How have you been styling your hair?

Christine Stewart x

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Monday, 31 October 2016

Hair | Keash Braids

It's been a while since I switched up my style so on Saturday I had my hair braided in two simple cornrows with ombre extensions added at the pop up in Hackney (Manchester). I love this style so much and it's great to have a bit of variety from my usual messy bun. I really need to learn how to cornrow properly myself so I can try this more often!

*complementary hairstyle received - read my disclaimer .

What styles have you been doing lately?

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hair By EbonyB

I very rarely entrust my hair into the hands of others (my paranoia stems from one too many bad experiences in the past). Whilst I've gotten used to styling my own hair I'm the first to admit that there's a lot more styles I'd try if I had the skills to do them. One thing I've never been able to do well is braid and I've been itching to try another cornrowed style.

I've been in contact with Zuwena, owner of , for the past few months and I met with her for the first time yesterday. The salon is located in North Manchester which is a bit of a trek from my neck of the woods but it was fairly easy to find. After a chat about how I generally care for and style my hair Zuwena suggested a braided style. My hair had only been washed the day before so she blowdried my hair before cornrowing with extensions. She was so gentle with my hair and I absolutely love the result so expect a few snaps of how I'll be wearing this style to pop up on my  page soon.

This style usually costs from £35* and if you're interested in trying it too you can get 10% off by quoting 'Hairstyle Design' when booking between 7th - 21st June.

*Complementary hairstyle

What hairstyles do you like to do? 

Christine Stewart x

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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Event | Radiant Manchester Salon Launch

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending the launch night for revamping of 's salon in Bermondsey. I remember first discovering the brand on  at the end of last year and being in awe of the gorgeous on-trend styles created by the team.

Their Bermondsey salon oozes luxury and salon owner Rita Balogun says she aims to give customers "star treatment" and "take the client experience to the next level". The salon offers a variety of services including weaves, custom wigs, cuts and treatments. The salon also boasts a cocktail bar and a virtual mirror with built in lighting so you can share snaps of your new hairstyle across social media websites Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

On the night there was the opportunity for guests to experiment at the wig bar, have complimentary shellac, choose a style at the braid bar and have  applied. I opted for the latter two options, had lashes applied and choose  braided style, and I am so in love with it (shown above). I posted the same snap on my Instagram page and I'm stunned by the response. So many of you loved this style and it was reshared more times than anything I've ever posted. Ever. It really is a beautiful braiding pattern and it's funny as I had actually attempted to create my own braided style on Tuesday to give my usual everyday bun a little more excitement. The braids I had created were so bad and my hair was still wet as I didn't expect to have my hair styled. It was such a treat to have my hair braided properly and I couldn't be happier with the look.

Here's a few some snaps* from the night including a shot of salon owner Rita Balogun below.
Radiant Manchester's Bermondsey salon will be open for business on Tuesday 2nd March 2016.

*images of the event were provided courtesy of Radiant Manchester.

Have you heard of Radiant Manchester? 

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

How I care for my hair under wigs [Video]

I've been wearing my wig for about a month now and the latest video up on my YouTube channel is a run-down of how I care for my hair in braids under my wig. My routine is really simple and hasn't changed a huge amount from my usual routine, apart from styling of course! The main thing for me is making sure my hair stays moisturised.

The Video: 

Christine Stewart x

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