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Monday, 31 July 2017

Glossier is coming to the UK

Us Brits miss out on a lot of cult brands from across the pond but we'll be able to shop one more, rather than just swoon over on Instagram, very soon.  has announced that they'll be coming to the UK in October 2017.

If you haven't heard already, Glossier was born from website in 2014 (FYI it's an addictive hub of beauty goss and advice that's been around since 2010). It's founder and CEO Emily Weiss knows beauty and in Glossier world skincare is essential, makeup is secondary - something I've been learning first hand this past year. Their mantra is that makeup is not about covering up or 'perfecting' your look but having fun and celebrating your own, unique beauty. In their own words they create 'beauty products which work for real girls in real life' and that's a philosophy I'm on board with.

Glossier are taking their products internationally, recently announcing that they will be shipping to Canada before the UK this year and also France in 2018. In aid of the UK launch, Glossier hosted a few events in Baker Street last weekend. One was a pop-up giving Manchesterers a chance to get acquainted with (and drool over) their curated 'pared-down' beauty essentials.

The products at the pop-up were only there to test though samples were available for early birds to the event (which I was not). Luckily I had already received a few products during a dinner hosted by the brand the night before the pop-up so the Stretch ConcealerBoy BrowMilky Jelly CleanserPriming MoisturizerHaloscope and Lip Gloss* are now amongst my beauty arsenal. It's only been a week so I'll put them to the test more before reviewing. I've definitely got the Glossier bug following the pop-up and I've decided I also need the Cloud Paint blushes and the Generation G lipsticks in my life so they'll be my first purchases when the brand launches here in October.

*samples - read my disclaimer here.

Have you heard of / tried Glossier?

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Event | Charlotte Mensah Haircare Collection

Award-winning hairdresser  unveiled her new haircare collection at her salon (Hair Lounge) on Thursday evening and it's stunning. On the night Charlotte talked us through her high-end collection which has been 6 years in the making.

Manketti Oil Shampoo (£18/250ml) | Manketti Oil Conditioner (£18/250ml) | Manketti Oil (£36/100ml)

The Charlotte Mensah Haircare Collection contains 3 products at present, a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil - all containing sustainably sourced Manketti Nut and Ximenia Oil. I've tried a whole host of oils on my hair and skin but Manketti, which has been used in Africa for centuries, is entirely new to me. At the event vials of the Manketti Hair Oil were available and it melts beautifully into the skin. I can only imagine what this will do for my hair so I can't wait to try it properly.

Decorated with beautiful gold detailing, Charlotte (left below) assured us that what's inside is every bit as luxury as the packaging. She's created her line by testing it on her clients throughout development and it aims to deliver hydration, superior softness and shine to undernourished hair.

At the event she demonstrated using the Manketti Hair Oil and the Manketti Conditioner on a variety of curly hair types (see above) and explained that her products have multiple uses. I'll definitely be trying the Manketti Oil as a pre shampoo treatment and to seal in my moisturiser. Charlotte suggested applying the Manketti Conditioner as a leave-in too by mixing a 50p sized amount of the conditioner with water in a spray bottle. I'm excited to see how well these will work for me so I'll keep you posted on the results.

The Charlotte Mensah Haircare Collection is available online at 
Images of the event were provided courtesy of Charlotte Mensah Press Office.

What haircare products do you use?

Christine Stewart x

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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Event | Radiant Manchester Salon Launch

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending the launch night for revamping of 's salon in Bermondsey. I remember first discovering the brand on  at the end of last year and being in awe of the gorgeous on-trend styles created by the team.

Their Bermondsey salon oozes luxury and salon owner Rita Balogun says she aims to give customers "star treatment" and "take the client experience to the next level". The salon offers a variety of services including weaves, custom wigs, cuts and treatments. The salon also boasts a cocktail bar and a virtual mirror with built in lighting so you can share snaps of your new hairstyle across social media websites Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

On the night there was the opportunity for guests to experiment at the wig bar, have complimentary shellac, choose a style at the braid bar and have  applied. I opted for the latter two options, had lashes applied and choose  braided style, and I am so in love with it (shown above). I posted the same snap on my Instagram page and I'm stunned by the response. So many of you loved this style and it was reshared more times than anything I've ever posted. Ever. It really is a beautiful braiding pattern and it's funny as I had actually attempted to create my own braided style on Tuesday to give my usual everyday bun a little more excitement. The braids I had created were so bad and my hair was still wet as I didn't expect to have my hair styled. It was such a treat to have my hair braided properly and I couldn't be happier with the look.

Here's a few some snaps* from the night including a shot of salon owner Rita Balogun below.
Radiant Manchester's Bermondsey salon will be open for business on Tuesday 2nd March 2016.

*images of the event were provided courtesy of Radiant Manchester.

Have you heard of Radiant Manchester? 

Christine Stewart x

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

MIZANI Curl Power Event

On Thursday I attended 's Curl Power Event at L'Oreal HQ in Hammersmith. The event celebrated 10 years of MIZANI and their achievements over the last decade. Also revealed at the event was their newest product - 25 Miracle Milk. It's a lightweight spritz made with Coconut and Fennel Seed Extract with a multitude of styling, moisturising and strengthening benefits (more info ). 

There was a live demonstration by Celebrity stylist Charlotte Mensah. She used the 25 Miracle Milk to prep the model's hair before rolling up small sections with straws. Charlotte finished the set with a blow dryer and picked apart the curls with an Afro comb for a fuller look. The results were absolutely gorgeous and the definition was beautiful. Charlotte suggests to anyone looking to recreate the style, to keep the straws in over night to make the style last longer. I'm definitely more interested in trying straw sets now as a way to get my ends to match my roots.

Alongside live demonstrations, Charlotte shared her hair tips recommending the use of silk scarves at night, the use of natural oils and stressing the importance of a good diet and exercise. There were also hair consultations in which Charlotte personally recommended products to suit each individual attendee's needs. For my transitioning hair as I like to do curly sets Charlotte suggested I try the True Textures Perfect Curl and True Textures Moisture Stretch Cream. I was given them both to try so we'll see how well they work for my hair. I also received a small sample of the 25 Miracle Milk which will be released later in September this year. A lot of products I use already are milk-like so it'll be interesting to see how this compares! 

Have you tried anything by MIZANI?

Christine Stewart x

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Avlon Blogger Breakfast with Dr Ali Syed

On Saturday myself and some other bloggers were kindly invited to a breakfast with  hosted by the company's President and Master Chemist Dr Ali Syed. Avlon, which specialises in producing professional products for afro hair, is recognised globally and owning various brands. I'm most familiar with KeraCare but the company boasts several other successful brands including Affirm, MoisturColor, Ferm and FiberGuard.

The event was eye-opening and I could see instantly why Dr Ali Syed is described as the leading authority on afro hair. He was bursting with knowledge and it was interesting to hear facts like 'african hair tends to be 50 times more difficult to comb when dry than caucasian hair' and 'hair growth rates in African hair can be as low as 3.68 inches per year in comparison to 5.69 inches in caucasian hair'. 

From left to right: Jemima (), Keysha (), Diane (), me, Dr Ali Syed, Rachy (), Dr Ali Syed's wife, Peeks (), Wunmi and Chantelle ()

It became clear from the breakfast that despite a wealth of successful product lines the company is constantly looking to create more brands to suit both consumers and professionals. I'm most excited about the launch of the new  system in the UK. 

Texture Release is a salon system which can temporarily elongate or straighten curly hair, depending on your personal preference. The effects last for about two months and provides the ultimate versatility when styling the hair. In some ways Texture Release is similar to a keratin treatment, but it has been designed without formaldehyde, methylene glycol and other harsh ingredients which is a huge plus. It's also stated to work on all curl types and previously relaxed hair.

All of the above photos were kindly provided by Abi Oshodi. You can view more of his work at his website .

The Texture Release looks to be genuine alternative to relaxing but I've tried to stop myself getting too excited about this system yet, as it's currently only available in salons (I've only been to a salon once in the past 8 years!) I've long been searching for a way to manage my multi-textured transitioning hair and I'm hoping a home version of this system is released so I can try it.

Overall it was a great event and I also received a goodie bag stuffed with KeraCare Natural Textures products which I've not tried before. I've already started using them but will do thorough reviews in the coming weeks when I have more of an idea on just how well they work for my hair.

Have you tried anything by Avlon or the Texture Release?

Christine Stewart x

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Africa Fashion Week Manchester 2014 | Highlights

I had my first taste of (AFWL) on Saturday with my friend Joyce (pictured above).

It was the fourth edition of the event and was held at Manchester's Olympia in Kensington. The event was spread across two days (Friday 8th & Sat 9th August), showcasing collections from over 50 Designers. AFWL was founded by Ronke Ademiluyi and the first event launched in 2011. AFWL has been held annually in various locations across Manchester since.

What I love about AFWL is the event gives African and African-inspired fashion a platform in the UK and also puts the spotlight on emerging African designers. I saw 3 catwalk shows on Saturday and managed to get a sneaky peek at the backstage action thanks to official hair sponsor of the show .

There were various vendors at the event and the stall which really caught my eye was  (snaps of the wraps are in the second group of pictures below). There were also so many gorgeous outfits and hairstyles, and not just from those walking the catwalk! I had so much fun at the event and I took so many photos. Below is a small glimpse of what the event was like and I'll be posting what I wore in a separate post soon. 

Designers clockwise from bottom left AAMAA a la Mode (for Daviva) | G 321 | Njema Helena | Anthi G | RAAH

Top left models wearing Sylvia Owori | Bottom left Hairstylists 

Have you ever attended Africa Fashion Week Manchester or similar events?

Christine Stewart x

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