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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Style | LFW with Colette By Colette Hayman

I'm the first to admit that Manchester Fashion Week (LFW) used to scare me. No, really. I've never taken fashion (or myself) too seriously - I just wear what I want and what makes me feel comfortable, not necessarily what's on trend. I know that whole last sentence is like a cardinal sin in the fashion world and because of my nonchalant attitude towards what's fashionable I've avoided the shows in past. Having now attended a lot more LFW shows, snooped on some of the backstage action and indulged in the buzz away from the catwalks I've really enjoyed it. It's not just for the fashion-obsessed and the best part for me has been meeting with other bloggers and getting to know them better in person (rather than just through stalking them on the 'gram).

As I've taken a pretty chilled approach to the shows and everything in between, I've not been travelling with much more the essentials - phone, keys, camera, lipgloss (obviously) - and Colette by Colette Hayman came through with a few bags** to keep me covered over the past few days. My favourite style is this red  which added some colour to this otherwise monochrome outfit.

Full outfit details: Denim Jacket - * | T-Shirt - * | Jeans - | Sneakers - | Earrings & Backpack -

* - samples
**This is a sponsored post - read my disclaimer here.

Photography - Big shoutout to  for grabbing these shots for me

Christine Stewart x

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