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Monday, 25 September 2017

Fenty Beauty

Hot on everyone's lips lately has been the latest addition to Rihanna's growing empire - Fenty Beauty. In her own words her aim was to create a makeup line in which “women everywhere would be included.” The most impressive (and talked about) aspect of the brand is that Fenty Beauty launched with 40 foundation shades which aim to deliver across the spectrum from very pale to dark skintones. Why is this such a big deal? Most established brands only carry 10-20 shades and often there's only a couple of shades at either end of the spectrum. From what I could find MAC, Lancôme and Estée Lauder are amongst a very small number of brands which have 35+ shades and this is usually for their most popular foundations. For a first launch Fenty Beauty has set the bar very high by simply catering to tones constantly forgotten about by the beauty industry as a whole. It's not hard to see why then that Fenty Beauty has become the brand that everyone is talking about.

The launched contained predominantly foundations, concealers and highlighters with a primer, a few tools and blotting products. I ordered Fenty Beauty products when they first dropped in the UK on the 8th September from Harvey Nichols (where it's exclusively available) and I tried to only order products I genuinely thought I'd use regularly. I spent £140 in total which got me 7 products. I've been wearing most of the products daily since so whilst they're still pretty new to my beauty routine I've been using them enough to give some detail on how they perform.

Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in 310 (£26/32ml) 
I've tried a lot of new foundations this year and the Pro Filt'r is my favourite. The packaging is solid with the foundation contained in frosted glass with a pump for easy dispensing. I ordered my shade without swatching in-store and there's been long queues around the corner of Harvey Nichols just to take a look at the products! My selection of 310 seems like the best match but it's not perfect and I might have to grab 300 as my skin is already getting paler as the weather gets colder. Shade 310 is made for tanned skin with very warm undertones. The foundation dries slightly darker on the skin than it looks as a liquid (so I'd suggest getting a lighter shade if you're deciding between two) but I haven't noticed any oxidising (turning orange after mixing with the skin's natural oils) after it's initially dried down. The coverage is described to be medium to full but it feels more like a medium to me as it covers dark marks and redness well but not completely. The finish is skin-like and there's no cakiness even when building up the coverage. I've found it lasts really well on my oil-prone skin - especially as I rarely use powder on my face currently and tend to go heavy on the moisturiser - but as with any foundation it lasts far longer when applied after a primer.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer (£16/9ml)
The Gloss bomb is currently the one and only lip product within the Fenty Beauty line and I of course had to have it. The gloss comes in a hexagonal-shaped package with reflective lid and the large doe-foot wand applicator makes the product easy to apply. It's intended to be universally flattering and the sheerness of the pink means it can be worn by any skintone. I love gloss and this rosy-toned lip luminizer is super shiny without being sticky and it's scented like fruity sweets (very similar to the LimeCrime Diamond Crushers).

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife (£26/8g) and Duo in Mean Money / Hustla Baby (£26/2x3.5g) 
Being a highlighter junkie, I've tried a lot of great products and let's just say my expectations are always high. There are currently 6 Killawatt compacts currently, 2 of which are single shades and the other 4 are duo compacts. All of the powder highlighters come in white packaging which has tiny holographic glitter in complete with a mirror in the lid. Possibly the most talked about product from Fenty Beauty is Trophy Wife, a glittering green-gold highlight, which you can probably spot from space. I wanted to really love this highlight but on the cheeks it's far too intense for me as it's so pigmented and glittery it's really hard to tone down. I won't be using it as a highlight for that reason but it looks gorgeous on the eyes. It's a different story with the Mean Money / Hustla Baby duo compact which contains two champagne-toned highlighters which are my ideal. The product is so soft and easy to build up or sheer out. Mean Money is a sheen which is more subtle on the skin suited to everyday use whereas Hustla Baby is much more intense. Both highlights are shimmery with an almost iridescent feel to them. Of the two I've been reaching for Hustla Baby most and I tend to just apply it on my cheek and brow bone.

Match Stix Trio in Tan 300 (£46/3x7.10g) 
There are currently 30 Match Stix products designed for highlighting, contouring and concealing. The magnetic mauve packaging allows them to connect together and it contains roughly 2cm of product. I find them quite chunky given how much product is inside but the packaging is solid enough that the product is protected well for travel. They're priced at £21 each and there's also Match Stix Trio kits for £46 which contain 3 products to conceal, contour and highlight. They're not currently customisable so, providing you love all 3 shades, the kits are a way to save some cash on buying 3 Match Stix products individually. The Trio sets are available in 4 variations - Light, Medium, Tan and Deep. I purchased the Tan set which contains 2 Matte Match Stixs in Caramel (Concealer) and Truffle (Contour) and 1 Shimmer Match Stix in Rum (Highlight). The formula of the products apply and feel like powder so they're not like you're typical creamy makeup sticks but they're fairly easy to buff into the skin and are ideal for normal to oily skin types. The concealer Caramel is too deep and warm for my skintone so it's the only product here I haven't been able to use. Truffle is the perfect contour which is fairly dark but easy to sheer out and I've also been wearing it on my lips as it's a beautiful brown! The Rum Shimmer Match Stix is described as a 'gilded bronze' and it looks this way on my arm but on my face (which is warmer in tone) it looks slightly pink so it's more like a blush on my cheeks. The finish is so beautiful it's definitely made me want to grab more shades of the Shimmer Match Stixs.

When it comes to applying the products together, the first look below is how I've mostly been wearing them for everyday. I start with the foundation applied over a hydrating primer before contouring lightly with Truffle and highlighting with Hustla Baby. I also often use Rum on my cheeks and swipe a little over my lids for a subtle pop of colour before finishing with the gloss. The second look is more how I would wear my makeup for an evening out. I applied my base, highlight and contour the same as the first look but used Trophy Wife on the lids and Truffle mixed with the gloss on my lips.

Overall I'm really impressed with the products I've tried. It's clear a lot of thought has gone into the products and shade range and the selection is so wide for a new launch of products. It's not often I spend a lot on makeup as I receive so much from brands as a blogger and ASOS insider but I would definitely buy a few more items. The Match Stix products are first on my list and possibly a lighter shade of the Pro Filt'r Foundation for when my skin inevitably gets paler during the Winter months. The 'Holiday Collection' was also recently announced to be dropping next month which includes an eyeshadow palette, lip colours and liquid liner. I've already got my eye on a few items from the Holiday collection so it's safe to say I've become a Fenty Beauty convert!

You can get Fenty Beauty in the UK at or from or  in the US

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation

Known for clinical formulations at affordable prices, The Ordinary has been the beauty brand on everyone's lips recently. In December 2016 they first announced they would be adding a foundation range - Colours - to their collection for less than £6 a bottle and the internet went into meltdown. There are currently two types of foundations available - the Serum Foundation (£5.70) and the Coverage Foundation (£5.90). Demand was so high for stock of these that the waiting list was 25,000 people-strong before the launch and in the first week of launching in May, orders amounted to 250,000 units. I was one of those hungry customers, placing orders of both foundations as I had to know if these were worth the hype and at less than £6 each what did I really have to lose?

I have been using the  over anything else recently so I'll only be reviewing this foundation here. It's described as a lightweight medium-coverage foundation with the feel of a serum (hence the name). The way in which the pigments are suspended in the formula are designed to cover imperfections and give a natural, 'flawless' finish. It comes in plastic packaging with a pump - making them easy to travel with. The foundation is also cruelty-free, doesn't contain alcohol or oil and has SPF 15.

There are currently 21 shades available which are divided into 3 categories:
1 for fair and light skintones (9 shades)
2 for medium skintones (5 shades)
3 for darker skintones (7 shades)
Within each category a second digit and a letter indicates the depth and undertone (P for Pink, R for Red, N for Neutral and Y for Yellow).

I have the Serum Foundation in two shades which I've swatched below - and   (the darkest shade in the medium category and the lightest shade in the dark category both with yellow undertones). The product in the bottles look like two completely different shades but swatched on my arm there's not much of a difference between them. I'd usually need a much lighter shade than these but I've tanned in the past few weeks meaning that I can now get away with wearing either shade though of the two 2.1Y is the better match for my skintone.

Left 2.1Y         Right 3.0Y 

So does this foundation live up to expectations? In short, yes.
The coverage is very good - lightweight as claimed and with a comfortable matte finish. The formula is quite runny but blends well and gives a good even tone to my skin. It isn't obvious I'm even wearing foundation which I love. A few really stubborn dark marks can be seen through as it's not high coverage but these are easy to minimise with a dab of concealer if needed. I've tried this foundation both with and without The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer and it lasts far longer on my oily skin with a primer than without. I get 'smile lines' (as I laugh and smile a lot in person) and the foundation does seem to settle slightly into creases here but not as dramatically as I've found with other foundations. The tone stays true to how it applies too. I've often found with other foundations that they 'oxidise' into a strange orange shade (when they mix with my skin's natural oils and the air). Thankfully there's none of that with this foundation.

I can't help reach for it every day so it'll continue to be my go-to foundation and the price is so good I already know I'd buy it again.

You can get on their website or in-store

Have you tried The Ordinary?

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How To | Make Foundation More Yellow [Video]

Overly pink foundation is my biggest struggle when it comes to finding makeup which suits my skintone but I know I'm not alone. I've already written a post on but what happens if you have something that isn't perfect?

I'll always mix up my own shade when a bottled one won't do. The foundations I use are all from  and whilst they are all suited to warmer/neutral tones there is a stark difference between the different types of foundation on offer. For example the has always matched my skin perfectly in shade and undertone (in NC40 & NC42). However my skin is far too oil-prone for this foundation to stay put so I reluctantly looked to alternatives. The  suits my skin type perfectly but the colour is so off. The NC tones which work so perfectly with the Studio Sculpt Foundations are just too pink for me with the Pro Longwear Foundations.

I've seen a few videos on using yellow food colouring, yellow eyeshadow and even turmeric to adjust foundation which is too pink but I really wanted an actual product made for altering foundation shades. Cue the in Yellow (£12.95). I purchased it from  and this tiny (pricey) bottle is a life-saver. Makeup looks so much more natural when matched correctly and I'm hoping this will be the end of my too-pink foundation woes for good.

I've had no problems using the Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix so far and have been using it to adjust my foundation for the last few days. I got the water-based version to work with the foundations I have but there's also an oil-based version. The texture of formula stays the same after being mixed though I've noticed it changes the scent to a paint-like smell. That's the only negative I've seen so far and this beauty works with concealers too.

YouTube videos on this particular product are virtually non-existent, which may be as this is considered a 'pro' product and it isn't widely available. I created a video on the exact process I've been doing for the past few days to mix my foundation (including making it a little darker) and I'll probably put together a full review on the Chromatic Mix when I've used it more in the next few weeks.

The Video: 

As ever, let me know if you have any questions or any suggestions for videos you'd like to see next.

Do you have to tweak your foundation shade to match your skin?

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mini Haul | Foundations & Concealers

I've been limiting my makeup products as I tend to rely on the same items day after day but I ended up purchasing a light foundation and a few liquid colour-correcting concealers which were missing from my collection.

(£29.50/120ml) |  (£23/3g) |   (£5.50/3.8ml) |  (£11.99/15ml)

Summer is almost over but it's still so muggy in the UK and I'm not loving the feeling of a full face of makeup on a hot, sticky day! I can't go without makeup completely either though, so the MAC Face & Body Foundation seemed like a good option. It's probably better for dry skin types rather than my oily-prone face but I love that it's so light and the finish is really natural.

I've been more proactive with covering blemishes and dark marks on my skin too which means I don't have to wear as much foundation. I usually don't mind the odd scar on show but there are some areas of my skin I do prefer to cover. I've been using the KIKO Natural Concealer in Shade 04 to cover some redness on my face underneath my foundation. It blends easily and gives a decent amount of coverage. I've also been using the Rich Yellow half of the MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Duo to brighten my eye area.

I've been using the other (Burnt Coral) half of the MAC Duo on my leg. I was very badly bitten by an unknown insect last summer and it left some pretty horrendous dark pigmentation on my leg. I've been living in tights and jeans since it happened as the scarring was actually black and pitted initially. It's definitely affected the frequency of my outfit posts as I now don't wear a lot of what were my favourite clothes. Thankfully the area has lightened up a little though with time which means it's slightly easier to cover with makeup. I've been using the MAC Face & Body Foundation as a base and then colour-correcting the dark marks with the burnt coral concealer, before applying my usual concealer and blending in. It's not a perfect fix but it's helped me be more confident with getting my legs out after hiding them for so long.

I haven't had a huge amount of experience with Keromask, but I purchased one of their last year and I found myself always dipping my foundation brush into the Camouflage Cream Mixer in Yellow. I'm a bit obsessive about ensuring my foundation is the right shade/undertone and I always end up mixing products together to make the right shade. I have a couple of old foundations which I stopped wearing as they're a little too on the red/pink side for my skin and the Yellow mixer warms the shades up making them a better match for my skin. It's a tiny bottle but it's so pigmented and I only need a little product with each use so I know this will last me a long time.

What have you been buying recently?

Christine Stewart x

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

New In | Feb 2015 [Beauty]

I've not switched up my makeup routine in a long time and I thought it was about time I tried something new, notably the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99) and MAC Pro Longwear Foundation (£25).

I've always loved my MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation as the texture and coverage is amazing. I've stuck with it for 5 years as it looks so good when it's applied. Unfortunately it just doesn't last on my oily skin quite long enough. I've tried to make the foundation last longer with the aid of a primer, a setting spray and even by mixing it with another of MAC's foundations but my skin always wins and kicks this product off my face. I finally resigned to buying a new foundation altogether. It was  old video by Sammi from  in which she compares various different MAC foundations which convinced me to switch to Pro Longwear Foundation. So far it has not disappointed.

The texture of this foundation is so different to the Sculpt. It's really lightweight and leaves a really smooth finish which thankfully lasts a lot longer. The coverage of this product is sheer to medium and whilst I usually prefer as high coverage as possible, the finish is so natural-looking I don't mind some of my blemishes peeping through my makeup (as much).

As well as a new foundation I also bought a new makeup sponge. I used to love using sponges to apply makeup and I'm not quite sure why I stopped. With the right sponge your makeup can look like skin and who doesn't want that as opposed to cake face? I've been tempted by the Beauty Blender which has received so much hype over the web but I just can't part with 16 whole pounds for a sponge! I love the Real Techniques brushes I own, so their Miracle Complexion Sponge (and the fact that it's more purse-friendly) seemed like a natural fit.

Admittedly I had to watch Sam's video  on how to use the sponge first as the different edges have different uses. The flat side at the bottom helps apply makeup to the face, the round side blends product out and the pointed edge is great for applying concealer. The design of the sponge in general helps it serve various functions and for a relatively cheap buy I'm really impressed with the results.

What having you been buying lately?

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

How to find the perfect foundation

Lets face it finding the right shade is one of the biggest problems women have when buying makeup. It took me a few years before I finally found a foundation that worked for me, partly due to a lack of foundations for medium and darker skintones in drug stores. Thankfully there are so much more options available now and it only takes a little know-how to locate the right product for you.

Half the battle of finding the right foundation is finding your shade. It sounds simple enough, but how many times have you thought you’ve bought the exact match after trying it in-store, only to find it’s completely wrong when you try it again at home? It’s a common habit to test the colour of foundations on our hands, but our faces are often a different colour. A more accurate way of judging the perfect colour for your skin is to swatch foundations on your neck or jaw.

Beauty displays in-store tend to have lighting which makes it hard to determine whether or not you’ve got the right shade. Don’t be afraid to swatch a couple of shades you think are closest to your tone and walk away before making your purchase. Then have a look at the swatches you made in natural daylight.

The perfect colour should blend almost seamlessly with your skin, though an exact match might not always be available. You can try approaching assistants at makeup counters to help you find the right foundation. High-end companies may offer to mix up a unique shade for you or give you a small sample of an existing shade to try in case it’s not the right match. Your face isn’t all one tone, so you may have to also buy a slightly darker shade for areas like your forehead. The colour of our skin changes with the seasons too, so in the warmer months you may need a darker foundation than in the winter.

Finding the perfect foundation also depends on knowing which will suit the natural undertone of your skin. Is your complexion warm, cool or neutral? Warm coloured skin has a yellow undertone, cool skin has a red, pink or blue undertone and neutral skin tends to be a mixture of these tones. Knowing your undertone can be the difference between a glowing and ashy appearance. To figure out your undertone, look at the veins on the back of your wrist. Are they blue or green in appearance? The former means you have a cool undertone, and the latter means you have a warm undertone. If you notice you have both, or somewhere in between, your undertone is neutral. You can also try comparing which type of jewellery looks better on – silver or gold. Silver flatters cool undertones whilst gold suits warm undertones. Still confused? Swatch both warm and cool tones in order to know which works best.

When shopping for foundations it may not be immediately obvious which shades are for warm or cool undertones as sometimes the names of shades can seem cryptic or use words that hint at what the undertone might be. For example yellow based foundations may be described with words like ‘golden’, ‘bronzed’, ‘honey’, ‘caramel’, whereas red/blue based foundations may be described as ‘chestnut’, ‘cooper’, ‘blaze’. If you don’t fancy deciphering the names of shades and can’t tell which undertones are which, look to brands like Fashion Fair, NARS, Bobbi Brown and MAC. These brands have an array of foundations to suit different undertones and an assistant at their beauty counter can help point you in the right direction (MAC confusingly uses warm to describe cool skintones and vice versa).

Formula & Coverage
Just as important as the actual colour of your foundation, is the kind of formula you choose. Foundation types vary from mineral, mousse, liquid, sticks, cream and cream-to-powder, so there’s something for everyone. The formula finish will also be either sheer, matte or semi matte. For the most part, choosing your perfect formula depends on your personal preference. However, your skin type may also play a part. Is your skin oily, dry, normal or combination? These characteristics can determine how long your foundation will last and how well they will work with your skin depending on the type you choose. For example, mineral foundations tend to work well with oil-prone skin.

Also consider what kind of coverage you’re looking for. Foundations vary from light and medium to high coverage. Decide which end of the spectrum you prefer, also taking into account what kind of formula you want to use. Products vary, but generally mousse, tinted moisturisers or liquid foundations can provide a more lightweight to medium coverage. In contrast, creams, stick foundations and mineral powders can provide medium to full coverage.

Have you found your perfect foundation?

Christine Stewart x

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review | MAC Studio Fix Powder with Foundation

I've never liked powder foundations, that is until I decided to buy Studio Fix Powder with Foundation (£21.50) a few weeks ago. I had a skin treatment in mid March (I'll save the details for another post) which meant I couldn't wear makeup for a few days. The treatment also made wearing my usual MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation difficult as I had quite a few scabs on my face. I'm one of those girls that finds it hard to go completely makeup free so I felt like I had to purchase powder or mineral foundation to use day-to-day until my scabs healed.

MAC is my go to for foundation so it just made sense to finally try one of their powders, especially as so many have even given this product 'holy grail' status. That said, I wasn't expecting much because of my past experience with powders. Normally powder products don't sit quite right on my combination skin and I have to use them sparingly.

The coverage of this product is really good. When using alone I was able to conceal most of the dark spots on my face. I could also be heavy handed with application if necessary without getting 'cake face'. I love the matte finish and the product lasts so well throughout the day.

I've gone back to my usual foundation now my skin has healed out of habit and I've been using the powder mostly as a finishing touch. I'm really impressed with this product but I do wish MAC would create more yellow-based options. I'm usually shade NC42 this time of year and I've found this particular shade of this product a bit orange-y. That is however, my only negative point.

Have you tried anything by MAC? 

Christine Stewart x