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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Irresistible Me Extensions [Video]

As much as I've enjoyed getting used to my curly hair, I've definitely missed my former longer lengths lately, especially when trying to create styles like . I was sent these Silky Touch Extensions by * and it's been fun to play around with different hairstyles I would have done when my hair was much longer. The extensions are beautiful and despite being quite silky blend fairly well when my hair is straight. I'll definitely be relying on these whenever I'm looking to add a few inches!


Colour: Natural black (1b) 
Length: 24" 
Weight: 200g
Amount: 10 pieces (1x 4 clips, 2x 3 clips, 5x 2 clips and 2x 1 clip)

I've only had these extensions a few months so I've outlined my experience so far in the below video.

The Video:

*sample - read my disclaimer .

Have you tried extensions before?

Christine Stewart x

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Hairstyle | Big Sideswept Braided Bun

I rarely forgo my usual daily high bun but yesterday I thought I'd try something slightly different. I've always wanted to style my hair like this beautiful twisted updo shown in Ropo's video but it's never worked well on my hair. Even though my hair seems to have almost crept back to waist length it's simply not long (or thick) enough to get the same results shown in the video above. I don't wear extensions often and only have Regal Relaxed Clip-ins* (reviewed ) in my haircare arsenal but I figured I would attempt the style with these anyway.

It would have been far easier to replicate this style with braiding hair (hair with no tracks), not clip-ins, but I guess I was determined. I knew I wouldn't be able to do two buns or even twist the hair as shown in Ropo's video as even with clip-ins the hair I had to work with wasn't thick or long enough!

Eventually I decided to clip all 8 wefts of my Regal Relaxed extensions roughly in the center of my head. I then pulled my hair into a fairly taught (but comfortable) high ponytail. I separated the ponytail into four sections to make 4 regular braids, fluffing them a little to make the braids look thicker. I then carefully pinned the braids around each other to one side, readjusting areas as necessary to get the desired shape. It took a lot of bobby pins to keep this hairstyle in place but I was happy with the end result. 

Though this worked out much better than I initially thought it would if I try this hairstyle again I'll definitely ensure I have braiding hair on hand first.

*sample. You can read my disclaimer .

What hairstyles have you tried lately?

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Review | UKHairWeaves Regal Relaxed 24" Extensions

I've been looking to get extensions recently and were kind enough to send me a set of their 24" (£135)* a few weeks ago.

The Regal Relaxed Collection has the appearance of relaxed or blowdried afro-hair - perfect for blending this type of hair more seamlessly with extensions. The wavy texture is created through steam pressing on Virgin Indian Remy hair. I've never really worn extensions before but so far I'm really impressed at how well these match my transitioning hair. I bought a U-Part wig back in January which I love but I've only worn it twice because my hair didn't blend with the wig as much as I wanted without using heat. With these extensions I can be really lazy with styling my hair and it's virtually undetectable that I'm wearing extensions. You can see how they look in the shot above with absolutely no styling. I've been wearing the extensions intermittently throughout the last few weeks and so far colleagues, friends and my boyfriend haven't realised when I've had them in. 

In each set there's 8 wefts - 1 8" wide, 2 6" wide, 2 4''wide, 1 3" wide and 2 2" wide. There was a fair bit of shedding initially when I took the extensions out of the packaging but after washing them the shedding has reduced dramatically. The extensions are slightly longer than my own hair straightened and naturally taper at the ends. I wanted a fuller rather than longer look by using extensions so decided to cut about half an inch of the ends. The extensions fall roughly at my waist. 

The extensions only come in the colour 'natural' which is a very dark brown. If my hair wasn't henna treated these would match my hair colour perfectly. However as I do henna my hair regularly (details here) I decided my extensions should get the same treatment. I applied henna to 5 out of the 8 clip-ins (mostly the smaller ones) and now they actually look like they've come from my own head (see the snap below). As henna is hard to remove I'm planning to use regular dye on the other clip-ins so I can change the colour as necessary later on.

The hair is coarse and can get a bit dry so I treat them as my own hair, applying a little of my usual moisturiser to keep them hydrated. Heat can be used on these extensions for a sleeker look but I haven't tested this yet so I plan to make a YouTube video at a later stage when I do.

Overall I love these extensions as they are perfect for my hair texture. I think they may be a little too textured for anyone with bone straight relaxed hair but definitely deliver if you're looking for volume.

You can get them from the UK Hair Weaves website .  

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

Have you ever tried hair extensions?

Christine Stewart x