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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

How I get defined curls

I'll be honest my hair isn't always defined. Some days it's a big ball of frizz and I've learned to love it either way. That said, I do have my method down for when I want definition and here's a few things which work best for me...

Wet hair 
My hair lacks definition if it's dry (like most curls) and for best results I'll apply any and all leave-ins whilst in the shower. I've tried applying on dry or damp hair but I always end up having to re-wet sections to really see definition. My hair is low porosity too so the water gives my hair moisture and the heat from the shower actually allows it to penetrate instead of just rolling right off. Product then also has a chance to absorb and as my hair is wet I don't have to use a lot.

My hair doesn't stay curly on in it's own and is naturally frizz-prone so I'll always rely on leave-ins. I tend to start with a leave-in conditioner like  (£5.75/240ml) or (£10.99/236ml). Both are pretty similar in terms of results so I usually rely on one or the other and once applied that's when I go in with a defining product. Not all defining products are made equal so if you've found one you absolutely love stick with it. I've found these types of products can be hit and miss - many giving me crunchy or limp strands with the definition only lasting a day. As a result for months I rejected these types of products altogether and just used a moisturiser but I have settled on a few favourites. I love  (£23.50/250ml) most as it doesn't weigh down my hair. It's pricey but as I apply wet I don't use a huge amount and I can usually get away with just rewetting my hair the next day to reactivate the product if needed.  (£10.99/340ml) is another favourite as the definition lasts but this can make the hair a little sticky if you use too much.

Scrunching, smoothing and finger coiling 
I'm really lazy with my hair so most days I simply apply the product and smooth or scrunch into the hair. I very rarely use combs or brushes so I tend to work in the product or rake through with my fingers. I see the best results when working in really small sections so I'll start at the back and slowly work my way up. When I've got more time (and patience) I'll coil tiny sections around my finger to make my hair more spring-y.

Air drying or diffusing
My hair and blowdryers don't seem to get a long so I prefer to airdry which means on wash days I tend to run around with wet mop of curls and a microfibre towel draped over my shoulders. Not ideal I know, so if airdrying isn't an option I'll reach for my blowdryer and use with a diffuser. Diffusers gently dry curls without disturbing the pattern too much and using these on cool or low heat will limit damage.

Piling all my hair into a loose ponytail on top of my head (like a pineapple) is the only thing I do to help my curls last past the first day. I try to make sure my hair has dried fully first (otherwise my hair can look a little like a mushroom when I untie it the next day) and I'll use a  (£4.75) or similar as these don't leave a noticeable dent in the hair. Sometimes I'll use a satin scarf but mostly I sleep on a satin pillowcase to stop my hair drying out. The next day my hair usually just needs a little shake and it's as good as the day before and I can usually do this for a couple of days before needing to start the process again.

Christine Stewart x

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Everyday Essentials | Hair Ties

I often feature my favourite haircare products on my blog but rarely talk about the essential hair tools which I rely on day after day. I wear my hair in a bun pretty much constantly. Yes, it gets boring but hey it keeps my hair out of my face and limits my morning hair routine to no longer than 5 minutes, which is a win in my eyes. My hair is the shortest it's been for a while, and yet with my transition (to texlaxed) it seems to have expanded outwards with more volume than ever. As much as I love having the appearance of big hair, trying to get it in a bun every day makes arm muscles I didn't know I had ache. I may have also broken a world record for the amount of metal-free hairbands I've snapped before successfully tying my hair up. I ended up looking for alternative hair ties which provide the hold I need without damaging my hair and these 3 have served me well.

Thick Elastics (£1.99/6 pack)
These thick metal-free scrunchies are just the right size with the right amount of stretch to make tying up my hair a breeze. I don't know the exact name of these but I got them from  (in-store). There's no glue holding the band together, it's just a rolled strip of stretchy fabric which means they've lasted me far longer than any other metal-free bands I've tried and I haven't managed to snap one yet!

Scunci Bungee Elastics (£3.99/5 pack)
Bungee ties are another good staple of mine and I got these ones in . I found them a bit awkward to actually put in my hair at first as you have to place one hook into your hair before wrapping the cord around and hooking in the other side. Now I'm used to them I find them much easier to put in my hair than a regular hair tie. I can easily choose the tightness of my ponytail and it stays that way without slipping out or loosening throughout the day. I can effortlessly adjust the tightness of my ponytail if needed too. I was worried the hooks might cause some damage to my hair but I've never snagged or pulled out hair using these. In fact I lose more hair when I'm not using my bungee elastics. 

Invisibobble Hair Rings in Crystal Clear (£3.75/3 pack)
The invisibobble resembles a telephone cord which admittedly is a pretty strange design, but the idea is that the structure makes it difficult for a dent to be left in your hair after tying it up. They can be seen in your hair which is the downside for me but otherwise I quite like these. These are great for when I want to keep my hair straight but might have to tie it up temporarily. I have the clear rings which I got from  but you can get them in a few different colours. They're not very stretchy and can lose their shape but I usually just put them in a bowl of hot water to get them to shrink back to their original size.

What hair tools do you like to use?

Christine Stewart x

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