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Friday, 29 May 2015

Style | All Gold Jewellery

I think there's so much beauty in simplicity. I'm always drawn towards minimalism and if anyone raided my jewellery stash they would find various dainty gold pieces. Currently I'm in love with gold bars as throwing one on can easily pull together any outfit regardless of the occasion.

My favourites to wear at the moment are these two necklaces from H&M and I love that they both can be layered with other pieces to create more dimension to an outfit. The first has a long chain and falls roughly at my waist and it goes perfectly with a couple of my midi dresses or cami and jeans combos. The other is much shorter, stopping at my collar bone, and works best with tunics and blouses (I'm wearing it in a post ). Both were a steal with the long gold bar costing £1.99 and the short one £2.99.

Necklaces - | Watch -

I've also been wearing this Olivia Burton watch a lot recently (seen ). This is my third watch from this brand and I'm totally hooked (the other two I own can be seen  and ). It's a relatively inexpensive brand but the products are really well made and look really beautiful in person. I would definitely buy another watch, though I don't think I could justify the need for another!

What have you been wearing recently?

Christine Stewart x

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Friday, 16 January 2015

New In | Black & Gold Accessories

This season I've loved having an excuse to wear a lot of black. In fact the other day I was dressed exclusively head-to-toe in black. Bright colour has never really been my 'thing' and though it may seem a little drab to draped in such sombre tones, I usually look for items with some kind of detailing, trim or texture to make it more visually exciting. My wardrobe is brimming with black and gold accessories as a result, so maybe it's not surprising then that the newest additions to my collection have been following the same colour combo.

Shoes - | Bag - | Necklaces - | Purse -

The Topshop arm candy (£40) was a present from my boyfriend at Christmas. After favouring a giant H&M grey handbag for the past few months (seen ), it's been nice to downsize and not carry every item known to man around in my bag everyday. This version with the gold detailing is currently sold out online, but they have a very similar rose gold version still available. I bought the River Island Purse (£17) separately, but oddly the texture surrounding the back of the purse matches my bag perfectly. I'm not usually a fan of snake skin, but the contrasting textures and the chevron pattern on the front is a nice touch.

I've not been wearing flat shoes a lot lately instead opting for chunky platform or heeled boots, but it's been good to give my feet a break now and again. These double strap 'almond toe' shoes (£10) from Primark are a cute basic, comfy (now I've broken them in) and easy to slip on to complete a relaxed outfit.

Every aspect of my style is simplistic and minimal, including jewellery. I have a penchant for dainty necklaces and these two gold pieces (roughly £3 each) are from Forever 21. The store has an overwhelming array of glittering chains, bracelets and earrings so it's hard for me to ever stick to just a few purchases when frequenting the accessory department (which is why shamefully my trinket boxes are filled with fashion jewellery).

What kind of accessories do you like?

Christine Stewart x

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