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Monday, 31 March 2014

Review | JOICO Smooth Cure Conditioner

My love for JOICO products has recently extended to the Smooth Cure Sulfate-free Conditioner. The Smooth Cure range by JOICO aims to make frizzy, curly or coarse hair sleek and manageable.  I feel like this conditioner was made for my hair as it leaves my hair buttery soft after just 5 minutes of being left on. Seriously impressed.

I must admit I'm a little confused as to whether this conditioner counts as an intensive treatment. It's a lot runnier than my staple deep conditioner, JOICO Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm (reviewed here), but somehow seems to work just as well. I've been mostly using it by itself in place of my usual deep conditioner for 5 to 15 minutes in the last few weeks and it gets my hair so smooth.

This conditioner smells absolutely beautiful and the scent lingers ever so gently when my hair has been rinsed. The main ingredients are Keratin, Brazil Nut Oil, Tucuma Palm and a lot of stuff I don't recognise that even a Google search couldn't remedy (particularly Pentapeptide-29 Cysteinamide and Pentapeptide-30 Cysteinamide, more protein?) If your hair doesn't take well to protein you might have to avoid this product, but so far it's been great for my hair. I even used it after my last henna treatment and it sorted out the usual post-henna hardness a treat!

There's also a high concentration of Amodimethicone in this conditioner (it's 4th on the ingredients list). This ingredient seems like a strange inclusion to me given that this particular conditioner and it's shampoo counterpart are sulphate-free (cone build-up can usually only be removed by harsher shampoos). Having said that, I haven't looked at the accompanying shampoo or it's ingredients. It may well have an alternative ingredient to sulphates which is strong enough to remove cones.

Out of all the JOICO products I've tried this was by far the cheapest, simply as 1litre of this conditioner cost me just £12.99 from TK Maxx. The 300ml version of this conditioner usually retails at around £13.95 online and in salons. I usually pay around £15-£20, for the 500ml of my beloved Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm which unfortunately I couldn't find in TK Maxx too.

I'd love to try more of the Sooth Cure range but for now I'm trying to change my product junkie ways and only buy hair products I need.

Have you tried anything by JOICO? 

Christine Stewart x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm

Something that went on my product wish list long ago was this Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm. I've read good reviews and at £14.95 for 500ml it's proving to be the perfect partner for my dry hair.

Specially designed for thick or coarse dry hair this conditioner promises to both attract and retain moisture. The formula, is enriched with Hydramine Sea Complex, Olive oil, Murumuru and Shea butter which also softens the hair. So far I agree with the claims. I've been leaving this conditioner on for less than my usual 30 minute deep condition and it's still left my hair super moisturised. There was a complete difference in my hair condition after a single use! The conditioner has worked so well for my hair that I don't have to moisturise & seal as often between washes which is a plus. It's very thick and creamy too so you don't need to use too much at a time. Despite it's thickness, I've not found the conditioner heavy or greasy but those with fine hair might have to use this sparingly. 

This conditioner contains keratin, which seems to be a buzz word in the beauty industry at the moment. I don't usually like using conditioners that contain a lot of protein on a regular basis as my hair seems to be sensitive to it. The Moisture Recovery however has worked well so I'm assuming the balance of protein and moisture is spot on. 

Overall this was a great buy for me and I'm happy I finally tried it!

Have you tried JOICO products? 

Christine Stewart x
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