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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

How I get defined curls

I'll be honest my hair isn't always defined. Some days it's a big ball of frizz and I've learned to love it either way. That said, I do have my method down for when I want definition and here's a few things which work best for me...

Wet hair 
My hair lacks definition if it's dry (like most curls) and for best results I'll apply any and all leave-ins whilst in the shower. I've tried applying on dry or damp hair but I always end up having to re-wet sections to really see definition. My hair is low porosity too so the water gives my hair moisture and the heat from the shower actually allows it to penetrate instead of just rolling right off. Product then also has a chance to absorb and as my hair is wet I don't have to use a lot.

My hair doesn't stay curly on in it's own and is naturally frizz-prone so I'll always rely on leave-ins. I tend to start with a leave-in conditioner like  (£5.75/240ml) or (£10.99/236ml). Both are pretty similar in terms of results so I usually rely on one or the other and once applied that's when I go in with a defining product. Not all defining products are made equal so if you've found one you absolutely love stick with it. I've found these types of products can be hit and miss - many giving me crunchy or limp strands with the definition only lasting a day. As a result for months I rejected these types of products altogether and just used a moisturiser but I have settled on a few favourites. I love  (£23.50/250ml) most as it doesn't weigh down my hair. It's pricey but as I apply wet I don't use a huge amount and I can usually get away with just rewetting my hair the next day to reactivate the product if needed.  (£10.99/340ml) is another favourite as the definition lasts but this can make the hair a little sticky if you use too much.

Scrunching, smoothing and finger coiling 
I'm really lazy with my hair so most days I simply apply the product and smooth or scrunch into the hair. I very rarely use combs or brushes so I tend to work in the product or rake through with my fingers. I see the best results when working in really small sections so I'll start at the back and slowly work my way up. When I've got more time (and patience) I'll coil tiny sections around my finger to make my hair more spring-y.

Air drying or diffusing
My hair and blowdryers don't seem to get a long so I prefer to airdry which means on wash days I tend to run around with wet mop of curls and a microfibre towel draped over my shoulders. Not ideal I know, so if airdrying isn't an option I'll reach for my blowdryer and use with a diffuser. Diffusers gently dry curls without disturbing the pattern too much and using these on cool or low heat will limit damage.

Piling all my hair into a loose ponytail on top of my head (like a pineapple) is the only thing I do to help my curls last past the first day. I try to make sure my hair has dried fully first (otherwise my hair can look a little like a mushroom when I untie it the next day) and I'll use a  (£4.75) or similar as these don't leave a noticeable dent in the hair. Sometimes I'll use a satin scarf but mostly I sleep on a satin pillowcase to stop my hair drying out. The next day my hair usually just needs a little shake and it's as good as the day before and I can usually do this for a couple of days before needing to start the process again.

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Glowwbox November 2015 | KeraCare Edition [Video]

I've reviewed a few  Editions (more ) but if you don't know already Glowwbox is a beauty box subscription service aimed at women with darker skin. A monthly subscription costs £15 + P&P* and usually contains at least 5 products. 

This month is a KeraCare Limited Edition. As I've reviewed quite a few KeraCare products already () I decided to switch it up today with an 'unboxing' video instead of my usual blog post.

Whenever I do any reviews of KeraCare products the impression I get from a lot of readers is that they would like to try the brand but find the individual products expensive. This box is perfect for anyone seeking to try some of the products at a significantly lower cost.

Glowwbox have also provided discount code for my readers so you can get this box for £9.95 until 30th November. All you need to do is enter FRESHL at the checkout. See the below video for what's inside.

The Video:

*sample - read my disclaimer .

Have you tried a subscription beauty box before?

Christine Stewart x

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Which KeraCare Shampoo should I use?

KeraCare has a range of shampoos for afro-caribbean hair on offer and here's how to decipher which one you might need and when you need to use it. I've already reviewed the  and the  but as they are my favourites and most used I thought I'd mention them again here.

KeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo Sulfate Free (£3.85/240ml)*
If you need a deep clean, reach for this bottle. I tend to use this once a month when my hair is looking a little lacklustre. It's for all hair types and cleanses the hair of build-up, dirt and styling product with just one sudsing. This shampoo is designed to prep the hair to respond better to your usual wash routine so it's best to follow this with a gentle moisturising shampoo before conditioning.

KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo Sulfate Free (£4.45/240ml)*
This is the perfect partner to the 1st Lather Shampoo as it lightly conditions the strands preventing your hair from feeling stripped post-cleanse. You can also use it alone to gently remove dirt. It gives it a great amount of slip for a shampoo so this is best for dry or delicate hair types which are prone to tangling.

KeraCare Dry & Itchy Anti-Dandruff Moisturizing Shampoo (£7.20/240ml)*
If your scalp is persistently dry and itchy this will whip it into shape. This product is more than just a shampoo. I consider it a treatment for troublesome scalps and an absolute necessity in my haircare routine. It's made with various flower extracts including Ivy and Matricaria (German Chamomile) which soothes itchy conditions. My scalp knows when I don't use this, so I usually have to rely on it every 1 to 2 weeks. It's supposed to moisturise the scalp and hair, but I find it can leave my locks a little parched so I always apply an oil or conditioner before using this.

KeraCare Natural Textures Cleansing Cream Sulfate Free (£6.35/240ml)*
This beauty was made with drier curly hair in mind and if you want a way to gently wash your strands this product will be your go-to. It's the best ingredients-wise out of the shampoos here with Ayurveda Botanicals and various oils all inside the bottle. I prefer to use this whenever I'm not using the Dry & Itchy Shampoo or post-workout for a quick cleanse which can be once a week. It won't give your hair a deep clean, but the results are the equivalent of a co-wash, so if you're a little strapped for time you don't have to condition afterwards.

KeraCare Moisturizing Shampoo For Color Treated Hair (£5.75/240ml)*
You guessed it, this product is made for colour-treated hair and protects it from dreaded fading. KeraCare also claims this shampoo shields hair from UV rays. It's moisturising and strengthening with a 'Fiber Strengthening Complex' which is great for maintaining delicate relaxed and fine hair too.

*sample - read my disclaimer .

Which shampoo do you like to use?

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Review | KeraCare Intensive Restorative Masque

The  Intensive Restorative Masque (£15.99) has been a staple product of mine for over a year. I remember buying it for the first time, my hair was feeling pretty lack lustre from heat use the week before and none of the deep conditioners I had on hand at the time seemed to be making the impact I needed to get my hair back on track. I wasn't sure how well this product was going to work, but gave it a whirl and it's been in my hair stash ever since.

This product is a deep conditioner formulated for weak and damaged hair and claims that it can make it 42% stronger. I don't have any way of measuring whether that's really the case but my hair does feel noticeably stronger with more elasticity after each use. It's made with plant and fruit extracts such as camellia, apple and lemon which are stated to reinforce weak areas whilst leaving the hair silky soft. You can use this product weekly but I tend to use it once a month. I like to rotate my deep conditioners and prefer to focus on moisture heavy formulas, not to mention this is one of the pricier masques I own.

I usually apply this sparingly post-shampoo. The texture is quite gloopy and stringy but this makes it really easy to distribute throughout the hair and it means you don't have to use a huge amount of product. I usually keep it on my strands for about 15-30 minutes either with a plastic cap or under my . My hair always feels soft and detangles so much easier when I use this.

I'm on my third pot of this masque and will continue to buy it when it runs out. As this product is pricey I tend to purchase it online from or where it's slightly cheaper than in the Afro-Caribbean haircare stores near me.

Do you use a hair masque?

Christine Stewart x

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wash Day Routine [Video]

I haven't created a wash day routine video for my YouTube channel for 2 years so I've put together an updated version. In reality my wash day has barely changed. Often the ways in which I care for my hair stay the same, it's only the products I use which change.

There's 3 main elements to my wash days - pre shampoo, shampoo and deep condition. Sometimes I may deviate from these 3 but this rarely happens so this video explains pretty much what I do every time I wash my hair.

The Video:

If you have any questions or suggestions for videos you'd like to see next let me know. 

What's your wash day like?

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Behind the Scenes | KeraCare Blogger Photoshoot

If you follow me on you've probably seen the majority of my snaps from the past weekend, but for those of you who don't know, I was invited to a weekend of pampering by in Birmingham along with other bloggers Megisa (), Diane () and Fatou (). The weekend included a makeover and 70s themed photoshoot to be featured in Black Beauty & Hair magazine where we were styled by award-winning hairstylist Michelle Thompson at the .

Day 1 - Prep 

I arrived at Francesco Group Salon around 11am and straight away Michelle got to work, asking what I use on my hair already and how I care for it generally. We'd been asked to send in photos of our hair before the shoot and I explained that my hair is a big mix of textures from relaxing and texlaxing. Michelle decided that she wanted my hair to be in wavy styles for the shoot and showed me her mood board depicting some classic wavy styles from the 70s. 

My hair was quite tangled and dry when I arrived so KeraCare Conditioning Mist (which melts away even the the difficult knots) was sprayed throughout my hair to detangle. My usual Shampoo from the Dry & Itchy range (reviewed ) was then applied neatly with a tint brush in small sections on my scalp. I sat for 5-10 minutes with the shampoo applied and then my hair was washed, deep conditioned and blowdried. A few drops of silken seal was smoothed on my strands before blowdrying to protect my hair from the heat. My hair was then straightened in very small sections and trimmed to even my ends. I now have blunt bra strap length hair and I've never been happier with the look of my ends! Finally my hair was delicately wrapped into a neat bun at the nape to complete the prep.

Later that evening we were all treated to a relaxing pampering session at the hotel we were staying - the . I have to admit other than the odd face mask and mani/pedi I don't really indulge in pampering. It was definitely an experience, a surprisingly enjoyable one, to have a full body scrub, back massage and facial. All of us were feeling so relaxed and ready for sleep by the time our sessions had ended. Last on the day's agenda was a spot of dinner before finally retiring to a ridiculously comfortable bed. It definitely made it harder to get up the following morning!

Day 2 - The Photoshoot 

With an early start we all arrived at the salon just before 8. My hair was blown out and straightened again as it had started to revert a little - my hair never wants to stay straight which is why I rarely bother with heat. My hair was then curled with tongs in between sprays of KeraCare Styling Spritz before rolling into pin curls to set.

My makeup was then applied for the first look - a natural fresh face with pink lips and subtle eyeshadow to compliment a casual peach-toned playsuit. My hair was then carefully combed out and moulded into waves with a centre parting. I studied Michelle in awe of how she twisted the comb in certain directions to get my hair to fall exactly how she wanted.

For the second look I was dressed in a lilac jumpsuit with gold floral detailing on the straps and across the waist. Dressed in evening attire, my hair was swept to one side and held with (15) criss-crossed bobby pins to keep it in place - it actually held the same shape until the end of the night! My makeup was ramped up slightly with a little MAC heroine applied to my lips and purple shadow swept across my eyelids.

After the shoot we popped to George Kosit's salon opening and found a bite to eat later in Birmingham town centre rounding off a really lovely weekend. Michelle's team worked tirelessly to ensure not one hair (literally) was out of place and MUA Jess gave me some awesome tips on how to cover really bad scarring on my leg from insect bites last year. Lets just say colour correcting is key and MAC's face and body foundation is now on my wishlist. I'd like to thank everyone involved, it was organised perfectly with such a great group of people who I hope to see again in the future. The photos from the shoot should be featured in Black Beauty & Hair magazine soon. 

What did you get up to at the weekend?

Christine Stewart x

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Review | KeraCare Humecto Creme Conditioner

Conditioners are my favourite products to use to help hydrate my thirsty strands and recently I've been reaching for the Humecto Creme Conditioner (£6.15/234g)* most when my hair is looking lacklustre.

It's fair to say that I hugely underestimated this conditioner initially. I love thick, buttery and intensive hair masks as they're usually the only types of products which can make a noticeable and lasting difference to my hair. I assumed this product wouldn't really have the impact I wanted as it looks like a regular conditioner so it sat unused in my hair stash for a long time. My deep conditioners were running low (despite having several on hand at once) which made me use this and it works so well. I've used this conditioner quite a few times now and it consistently leaves my hair super soft and smooth.

The formula includes various plant extracts, including Ivy, Garlic, Chamomile and Rosemary which is supposed to revive dry brittle hair and gives the conditioner a sweet floral scent. The ingredients include silicones too which are probably responsible for giving my strands lasting smoothness after the product has been rinsed out. I tend to use this post-shampoo leaving it on for roughly 15 minutes with a shower cap. The formula is fairly runny which makes it really easy to smooth through damp hair. The product has a lot of 'slip' too so I can ease out any tangles that were created during the shampoo process.

The bottle is quite small and it's very easy to get through a lot of product with each wash but other than that I can't find much fault with this conditioner. This is actually one of the more affordable conditioners KeraCare has and whilst it is still a bit pricey compared to some other brands the results it gives my hair would make the cost worth it. I have so many conditioners I love already but I will be buying this when it runs out.

*sample - read my disclaimer .

What conditioners do you like to use?

Christine Stewart x

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Review | KeraCare Overnight Moisturizing Treatment

I've been using a lot of KeraCare products over the last year and the Overnight Moisturizing Treatment(£10.95/115g)* has become one of their products I couldn't do without.

When I first heard of this product the name and the apricot '2' on the packaging had me thinking this was a rinse-out deep conditioner but it's actually more like a moisturiser. KeraCare describes this product as 'a moisturizing nightcap for dry hair' and it really does soften my thirsty strands whilst I sleep. This is one of my favourite KeraCare moisturisers, second only to the Natural Textures Hair Milk. It's a creamy consistency which provides the right amount of moisture without overloading the hair with product.

When I first used this product nightly as directed I didn't notice a huge deal of difference the following day. With regular use over a couple of weeks however, my hair became much softer and easier to manage. As much as I love how much volume my hair gets naturally (as it makes an awesome high bun without any padding) it's cotton-like texture can lead to a lot of tangling and matting, especially at the roots. Even when wearing buns daily my hair (which creates most of the matting issues) when I'm using this product I've noticed a lot less tangling. 

When moisturising I generally split my hair into 2-4 sections (depending on how dry my hair is) and I stick to applying no more than a walnut sized amount of this moisturiser to each section. The product is quite rich and as it's a small tub too I try to use it sparingly. I now mostly use this product in combination with something else to make it stretch further. My typical routine is to use a milk-y product or conditioning mist first and then apply a little of the Overnight Moisturizing Treatment before styling my hair for bed. I keep my hair in place by sleeping in a silk scarf or on a satin pillowcase and this routine has definitely made my mornings smoother and less hairy (pun intended).

Have you tried any KeraCare products? 

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

Christine Stewart x

Monday, 1 June 2015

Review | KeraCare Gels & Waxes

As my hair has quite a lot of texture I've come to rely heavily on styling products to keep my hair slicked. There's so many different products out there delivering a range of holds and finishes. KeraCare has a huge range of products dedicated to creating sculpted styles so I thought review my favourites here.

I love this wax and though it's probably more suited to shorter crops, this can be used to tame any flyaways or add texture to longer hair. It's not a product I use every day as the hold is flexible rather than strong. I use this mostly for when I'm wearing my hair in braids to keep my strands smooth but not stiff. I apply a little of the wax straight from the stick down the parting of each section of hair to keep my hair in place whilst styling. When I last used this wax before braiding my hair it still looked pretty smooth even after a gym session which I wasn't expecting (a picture can be seen on my Instagram ). It is pretty pricey for a product I don't use all the time so it's definitely more of a luxury product than a necessity for me.

I really wasn't sure how much I'd like this initially as I thought the protein content might make my edges hard. This is actually my ultimate favourite product of the three here as the hold is perfect for me and it doesn't flake. I usually wet my hair a little before applying this and smooth the product in either with my fingers or a brush. The finish is very natural and not overly shiny. I'm definitely going to pick up another of these when it runs out.

This product is really similar to so many other gel products I've tried before (like ORS Edge Control and Elasta QP Glaze). It gives a nice hold and the finish is super shiny. I prefer a more natural look so I tend to use only a little of this after using the protein Styling Gel if needed. It's suggested on the packaging to smooth this product in with fingers but I always end up using a soft brush as the result is more seamless that way. Whilst this is a good product, you do have to contend with this gel melting throughout the day. If you're anything like me and constantly have 'hand-in-hair syndrome' expect to get a little gel transfer on your fingers.

*sample - read my disclaimer .

What hair styling products do you like to use?

Christine Stewart x

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Review | KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Products

I've been using a lot of KeraCare products of late and whilst my hair has been in and out of braids over the last couple of months I thought it was the best opportunity to get to grips with a few of the KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp* products. Out of all the KeraCare products these have the most colourful and exciting packaging, differing from the usual luxurious all gold branding. I was really excited to try this range as they are so visually different from many of the other KeraCare products.

I haven't had any major issues with dandruff or a persistently itchy scalp but I was worried that wearing braids under a wig for most of the day would start to aggravate my scalp. My wig routine did make my scalp a little dry and itchy at times so it was great to have these products on hand to provide some relief.

KeraCare Dry & Itchy Anti-Dandruff Moisturizing Shampoo (£7.20/240ml)*
The shampoo is possibly my favourite of the products here, which speaks volumes as I don't generally tend to love shampoo. After initially applying to wet hair, lathering and rinsing, I apply this again, leaving it to sit for 5 minutes. I can really feel this working on the scalp as it's so tingly and refreshing. Once it's rinsed my head feels so clean but not dry. This is supposed to be a gentle shampoo suitable for relaxed, permed, dyed and natural hair but this does leave my strands a little stripped. The menthol scent is similar to medicated shampoos but I've come to like it.

KeraCare Dry & Itchy Anti-Dandruff Moisturizing Conditioner (£8/240ml)*
Despite religiously following the instructions to leave this on for 10-15 minutes, this conditioner just doesn't give the kind of slip and moisture that my hair needs. I always use a deep conditioner with each wash and I can't skip that step after using this conditioner. The ingredients in this particular product don't seem to be to the same high standard as other KeraCare products. There just isn't that je ne sais quoi which is possibly why this doesn't do much for my hair. On the plus side I haven't noticed any issues with my scalp when using this product so it at least ensures dandruff is kept at bay.

KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Glossifier (£6.55/110g)*
The formula of the Dry & Itchy Glossifier is like a solid wax but the surface melts into a liquid when you touch it. I tend to pick up a small amount of the glossifier at a time by dabbing my finger into the pot. I then place the product directly on any itchy areas on my scalp as and when needed. As a result I can reach for this daily or it might be a few days between each use. It provides quick relief from itching and soothes my scalp. I barely use any product with each application so this product will probably last me a very long time.

These products work well together and my scalp has been less irritated as I've continued to use these regularly. My hair is now out of braids and it's been really satisfying to not have to deal with an itchy scalp so I'll definitely continue to use these. However, I don't think these products perform so well on my hair so I'll also keep relying on other products to keep my strands hydrated and strong.

*sample - read my disclaimer .

Have you tried any Keracare products before?

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Review | KeraCare Natural Textures

I’ve been using KeraCare products for a few years but it wasn’t until last year that I realised how extensive their product range actually is. There’s so much to suit different textures and conditions of afro hair. I’ll be reviewing various KeraCare products over the coming weeks and I thought I’d kick off my first review with the KeraCare Natural Textures* line. I had my first taste of the Natural Textures products back in November after attending a  and I fell in love with a few of them instantly. I'm most familiar with these KeraCare products and they've been tried and tested for several months.

As the name suggests, KeraCare Natural Textures are made specifically for natural afro hair, but a lot of the products work very well for my ‘’ strands. Most Natural Textures products smell gorgeous and they are all made with high quality ingredients. The ingredients which seem to feature most are Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Amla, Shikakai (Aurvedic) Botanicals and various Fruit Extracts. As a result, the products are on the pricey side and are marketed as salon quality.

Cleansing Cream (£6.35/240ml)*
As much as I love that squeaky clean feeling, most dry or curly hair types can’t take that regular lather, rinse and repeat. This sulphate-free shampoo is a gentle cleanser which removes product build-up without stripping the hair. The shampoo texture is quite thick, resembling a conditioner. As a result, it leaves my hair very soft, moisturised and distinctly less frizzy after using which is always a plus. It doesn’t give me that deep clean feeling, so when I need to clarify my hair from build-up I prefer to use a stronger product (like KeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo) first.

Leave-In Conditioner (£5.75/240ml)*
This is a product I’ve come to rely on a lot post-wash as my roots are very prone to frizz. When my hair is about 50% dry I apply a little of this leave-in to smooth out my strands. It has a bit of slip too so it also helps ease a few of the tangles, preparing my hair for the styling that’ll follow. 

Hair Milk (£8.85/240ml)* 
Without a doubt this is my absolute favourite Natural Textures product. I love milk-y textured products as my hair drops and looks flat if I use anything heavy on my strands. This Hair Milk provides lasting moisture to my thirsty strands without leaving it lank and greasy.

Honey Shea Co-Wash (£7.30/227g)*
To me this product is pretty similar to the Cleansing Cream but it acts more like a conditioner. It’s another great alternative to harsh or stripping shampoos and it's perfect for those who wash their hair regularly. Whilst it’s supposed to be a stand-alone product I’ll always follow this with a deep conditioner as I'm a bit obsessive about ensuring my hair is conditioned to the max each wash day.

Deep Moisturising Masque (£11.95/227g)*
Deep Conditioners are always my favourite products to use. I strongly believe that regardless of your hair type or condition, the right deep conditioner can transform your hair. I have so many deep conditioners that I love already that I had high expectations for this masque. I’ve found it’s not one of those deep conditioners that you can feel working instantly. In fact, when I put it on my hair it always seems to take a long time to sink in and it’s not until I rinse it off that I can really feel how well it’s worked. A plastic cap is a must for this product to help it absorb fully and this is one of the few deep conditioners that I will put aside a full 15 minutes to use as the results are so worth the wait. The only downside is I get through a lot of this product with each use so each tub doesn’t last long.

Butter Cream (£8.40/227g)*
The Butter Cream is like a thick whipped version of the Hair Milk so unsurprisingly it's another favourite. I love using it when I’m twisting or braiding my hair as it gives my hair great definition and shine. I only ever really need to use a little of this product at a time so I’ve had this product on hand for a few months. I like to mix it with a little of the Hair Milk too for the perfect moisturising combo. 

Twist & Define Cream (£7.25/227g)*
I really wanted to love this product as it’s supposed to give ‘smooth, soft twists and twist-outs’ but it's the product I reach for least out of this range. It provides beautiful definition but you have to use this on wet hair each time or it can make the hair dry and sticky. I don’t always tend to wet my hair when doing twist-outs and I like to re-twist my hair each night so I just personally find it a little inconvenient to have to wet my hair every time to use this product.

Defining Custard (£7.10/227g)*
I’ve been on the look out for a great defining product, but I haven't been able to make this work for me. My natural hair lacks definition, so throw relaxer into the mix and without any product my hair can look like a fluffy mess. Like the Twist & Define Cream this ‘Custard’ needs to be used wet. Though I’ve followed the instructions to the letter each time I’ve tried this my hair never quite comes out right. My hair usually ends up dry and flaky which is a shame. 

Overall I love this range of KeraCare products. Most of them work well for me, smell great and I’ll definitely continue to use and buy most of them when they run out. The only products I’m not to crazy about are the Defining Custard and the Twist & Define Cream. I’ve seen many natural ladies get great results with these products so maybe its my transitioning hair which makes them not work for me. I'm hoping that if I revisit these two products when my transition is complete that they'll work better. 

*sample - read my disclaimer .

Have you tried any Keracare products before?

Christine Stewart x

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Avlon Blogger Breakfast with Dr Ali Syed

On Saturday myself and some other bloggers were kindly invited to a breakfast with  hosted by the company's President and Master Chemist Dr Ali Syed. Avlon, which specialises in producing professional products for afro hair, is recognised globally and owning various brands. I'm most familiar with KeraCare but the company boasts several other successful brands including Affirm, MoisturColor, Ferm and FiberGuard.

The event was eye-opening and I could see instantly why Dr Ali Syed is described as the leading authority on afro hair. He was bursting with knowledge and it was interesting to hear facts like 'african hair tends to be 50 times more difficult to comb when dry than caucasian hair' and 'hair growth rates in African hair can be as low as 3.68 inches per year in comparison to 5.69 inches in caucasian hair'. 

From left to right: Jemima (), Keysha (), Diane (), me, Dr Ali Syed, Rachy (), Dr Ali Syed's wife, Peeks (), Wunmi and Chantelle ()

It became clear from the breakfast that despite a wealth of successful product lines the company is constantly looking to create more brands to suit both consumers and professionals. I'm most excited about the launch of the new  system in the UK. 

Texture Release is a salon system which can temporarily elongate or straighten curly hair, depending on your personal preference. The effects last for about two months and provides the ultimate versatility when styling the hair. In some ways Texture Release is similar to a keratin treatment, but it has been designed without formaldehyde, methylene glycol and other harsh ingredients which is a huge plus. It's also stated to work on all curl types and previously relaxed hair.

All of the above photos were kindly provided by Abi Oshodi. You can view more of his work at his website .

The Texture Release looks to be genuine alternative to relaxing but I've tried to stop myself getting too excited about this system yet, as it's currently only available in salons (I've only been to a salon once in the past 8 years!) I've long been searching for a way to manage my multi-textured transitioning hair and I'm hoping a home version of this system is released so I can try it.

Overall it was a great event and I also received a goodie bag stuffed with KeraCare Natural Textures products which I've not tried before. I've already started using them but will do thorough reviews in the coming weeks when I have more of an idea on just how well they work for my hair.

Have you tried anything by Avlon or the Texture Release?

Christine Stewart x

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