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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wash Day Routine [Video]

I haven't created a wash day routine video for my YouTube channel for 2 years so I've put together an updated version. In reality my wash day has barely changed. Often the ways in which I care for my hair stay the same, it's only the products I use which change.

There's 3 main elements to my wash days - pre shampoo, shampoo and deep condition. Sometimes I may deviate from these 3 but this rarely happens so this video explains pretty much what I do every time I wash my hair.

The Video:

If you have any questions or suggestions for videos you'd like to see next let me know. 

What's your wash day like?

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Review | Motions Enhance & Define Products

With my hair becoming increasingly textured I'm always on the look out for products to help detangle and define my curls. Motions sent over new products from their 'Natural Textures' line, including the Pre-Wash Detangling Butter (£4.99/229ml)* and the Versatile Texture Defining Cream (£9.99/211ml)* a couple of months ago and I was definitely interested to see how they'd compare to products I have already.

The Pre-Wash Detangling Butter is now my go-to treatment before washing my hair. As the name suggests this product gives the hair a lot of slip to help ease out any tangles.  I've only ever used natural oils and Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer Extreme prior to shampooing, though I'm aware that some women use a regular conditioner as a pre-shampoo treatment. The texture of this product is similar to a creamy conditioner and it's just the right consistency to soften my hair. The instructions suggest that the product should be massaged into dry hair and if your hair is really dry or tangled you should leave it on for up to 20 minutes. I actually prefer to use this product on hair that's been dampened first. I've found this makes it easier to distribute the butter more evenly throughout my strands and it means I don't have to use a lot of product. Once all of my hair has been detangled I leave this on with a conditioning cap for about 10 minutes. I've been using this in place of my usual hot oil treatment as this butter has a lot of natural oils in it such as almond, avocado, coconut and argan oil. My hair feels so smooth afterwards and it gives it a nice buffer against the shampoo process which can dry out the hair.

My hair is almost always in a bun but if I'm styling my hair in a braid or twist out post-wash I'll turn to the Versatile Texture Defining Cream. It's a strange stringy gel-like texture, but it gives beautiful definition and doesn't leave any flakes or residue. I'm usually anti-mineral oil but I used this product so many times before I even noticed it was there! It's made me question whether I avoid mineral oil because it actually doesn't work for my hair or if I just dislike it because I think it has relatively little benefits for the hair. Either way, I've had no problems with this product so far. It does have some great ingredients included too, such as honey, shea butter, olive oil and argan oil, but it's a shame they're way down at the bottom of the list!

Whilst I love both products and will continue to use them until they run out at this point in time I'd probably only purchase the detangling butter. I love how smooth it makes my hair and anything that can help detangle my hair easier on wash-day is a winner. The defining cream works well, but it's not something I reach for often and I have other products which work just as great for definition.

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

Have you tried products by Motions? 

Christine Stewart x

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Review | Motions Deep Conditioning Masque

I got the Motions For Natural Textures Deep Conditioning Masque (£6.95/236ml)* in last year. It took me a while to get around to trying this, mostly as I have so many deep conditioners amongst my stash which I absolutely love already. I really wasn't expecting much of this conditioner either so I was pleasantly surprised with how well this works on my hair.

The consistency is pretty runny which fooled me into thinking this wasn't going to do much for my hair. As a result I was pretty heavy-handed when I first applied this product and I really didn't need to be. I've found this conditioner to be very hydrating and subsequently, since that first application, I haven't needed to use a huge amount to reap the benefits. I've now almost completely run out of this conditioner but I'll definitely be snapping up another soon.

*sample - product provided courtesy of Glowwbox. See my disclaimer .

Have you tried this conditioner or any Motions products?

Christine Stewart x

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