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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Style | Top Knot Head Wrap

I've always been in love with how head wraps look on other people but I've found it hard to be comfortable with how they look on me. Seeing  at last month however really made me want to try wearing a head wrap at least once.

Shamefully I'm pretty clueless on the various ways to tie a head wrap so I took to Youtube to find styles to try. This  by Fiona from  gave me plenty of ideas and I ended up trying style 2 - the 'top knot turban'. This video is great for anyone that's a head wrap novice like me. My silk scarf (which is from H&M) is a little on the small side so I didn't get a big 'knot' at the top like I was hoping but I thought the result was still cute.

Admittedly I only wore my head wrap to the local shops to test the waters but I was really comfortable in a wrap and wearing one meant I didn't have to worry about styling my hair for once. I would definitely wear a head wrap again, though I may have to invest in a bigger scarf first!

Do you wear a head wrap/scarf?

Christine Stewart x

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