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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Style | Orange

There are two important things to note about this outfit. One you can spot a mile off, I mean they're bright orange, you can't exactly miss these trousers. The other is the slight bit of midriff on show. It may seem small, but to me these two things signify something big.

Top - | Trousers - | Sneakers -  | Watch -  (custom)*

I used to dress how I thought others would like me to look, usually in something ultra feminine and quite mature for my age. I've always been wary of dressing for my body shape too, always things that flatter - curvy, fitted and never cropped at the waist as I couldn't ever have my stomach on show. Now it's a mix of boxy, boyish, comfortable fits and I like to just have fun with clothes. I don't take myself that seriously so I've stopped taking my style too seriously as well - hence the orange trousers and Nike SB sneaker combo.

Photography - Mike Burchardt | 

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Style | Forever 21 Khaki Jacket

I show very little of my style on my blog but I'm hoping that's about to change. A couple of things have held me back in creating more style posts up until now - very few opportunities to actually shoot outdoors, a lack of space and lighting indoors to take full length shots and I started to scrutinise whether my personal style was actually 'fashionable'. I love blogging but the standard is so high in the blogging community that sometimes I forget that I really shouldn't put so much pressure on something I started for fun.

I've been dressing more casual lately in general and this Forever 21 jacket has been my go-to now it's warmer. I've mostly been wearing it with dainty camis like the one here and converse. I don't like trainers usually but I love a pair of converse sneakers and I've been collecting a few pairs in white as they go with almost everything. I've also finally got over not getting my legs out for two reasons - it has been gorgeously sunny in the UK and I've become almost entirely unbothered about the scarring on my legs which I've kept hidden for the past few years.

I have stretch marks (thanks puberty), dark knees and brown pitted scarring on my lower left leg but I've stopped caring. I'll admit my legs are starting to look more even now and my u-turn on hating my legs is partly due to the fact that I'm wearing tights here. I was sent some (£9)* way back in March but haven't worn them until the last couple of weeks. I'm wearing Ownbrown's lightest shade Amani which are darker than my skintone but as they're sheer you can barely even tell I'm wearing tights in person.

Top - | Jacket - | Shorts - | Tights - * | Shoes - | Rings - & * | Watch -

Primark has some tights which work great for medium or tanned skin but before I stumbled upon these for years I used to joke that creating a line of nude tights for darker skin was my billion dollar idea. I love that women like Ownbrown founder Nadine Njoko Peisker are finally taking it upon themselves to create products to solve the lack of diversity on the market currently. These Ownbrown tights are so comfortable, not overly shiny and are the right amount of sheer at 20 denier. I was sent a size large (which is a size bigger than I need according to the size guidelines) but they fit perfectly. You only get one pair in a pack which is a shame as I have a tendency to catch my nails on my tights. These have so far surprisingly survived 2 wears and (hand) washing so I'll be grabbing another pair as a back up.

*sample - read my disclaimer .

What have you been wearing lately? 

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Style | New Look 70s Style Maxi Dress

Having sun in Manchester always causes me chaos with with figuring out what to wear as most of my wardrobe accommodates windy, rainy weather. I've loved being able to wear maxis and sandals recently and this split side 70s style dress from is one of my favourites. I love the pattern which works surprisingly well with a number of pieces I have like this off-white blazer from  and  handbag.

Admittedly as I write this it's muggy but raining and cloudy outside. I ran a few errands earlier in a hooded jacket and all black converse which have seen better days, but I'm hoping to do more outfit posts soon which feature more of my British Summer style.

Dress & Sandals -  | Blazer & Necklace- | Belt - | Bag -  (via ) | Sunglasses -  (via ) | Watch -  

What have you been wearing recently? 

Christine Stewart x

Friday, 16 January 2015

New In | Black & Gold Accessories

This season I've loved having an excuse to wear a lot of black. In fact the other day I was dressed exclusively head-to-toe in black. Bright colour has never really been my 'thing' and though it may seem a little drab to draped in such sombre tones, I usually look for items with some kind of detailing, trim or texture to make it more visually exciting. My wardrobe is brimming with black and gold accessories as a result, so maybe it's not surprising then that the newest additions to my collection have been following the same colour combo.

Shoes - | Bag - | Necklaces - | Purse -

The Topshop arm candy (£40) was a present from my boyfriend at Christmas. After favouring a giant H&M grey handbag for the past few months (seen ), it's been nice to downsize and not carry every item known to man around in my bag everyday. This version with the gold detailing is currently sold out online, but they have a very similar rose gold version still available. I bought the River Island Purse (£17) separately, but oddly the texture surrounding the back of the purse matches my bag perfectly. I'm not usually a fan of snake skin, but the contrasting textures and the chevron pattern on the front is a nice touch.

I've not been wearing flat shoes a lot lately instead opting for chunky platform or heeled boots, but it's been good to give my feet a break now and again. These double strap 'almond toe' shoes (£10) from Primark are a cute basic, comfy (now I've broken them in) and easy to slip on to complete a relaxed outfit.

Every aspect of my style is simplistic and minimal, including jewellery. I have a penchant for dainty necklaces and these two gold pieces (roughly £3 each) are from Forever 21. The store has an overwhelming array of glittering chains, bracelets and earrings so it's hard for me to ever stick to just a few purchases when frequenting the accessory department (which is why shamefully my trinket boxes are filled with fashion jewellery).

What kind of accessories do you like?

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Black Shoe Haul | Autumn 2014

Black shoes account for about 95% of my footwear and yet I can never seem to have quite enough of them. I've been using the autumn season as an excuse to add some new shoes to my collection and I'm sure these 3 pairs will get the most wear over the coming months.

For the days it's not thundering with rain and not cold enough to freeze my toes I'll be relying on these flats. I don't usually like pointy shoes as my feet are pretty wide but these look quite cute on and were the bargain price of £4 in the Primark sale.

I have so many pairs of brogues in random colours but strangely I haven't owned any in black until now. I'm a big fan of keeping it simple so the clean, classic design suits me to a tee. These brogues work perfectly with my tailored trousers and checked dresses which I'll be wearing this season.

I find it really hard to not buy several of what I have already which has led me to have so many variants of the Chelsea Boot. I couldn't resist another pair and surely one more pair of Chelsea Boots can't hurt? I love the cut out detail and the gold buckle on these which are a cool twist on the classic design.

What are you favourite shoes to wear?

Christine Stewart x

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Haul | Autumn 2014

Despite all my pouting over the end of summer I've begrudgingly accepted that it's autumn and with that cue shorter hours of daylight and a significant drop in temperature. Seriously though, why is it so grey and gloomy already?
I've already cleansed my wardrobe of summer clothes in favour of knits and denim. In the same vein I've made a few season-related purchases too - it's hard not to with every high street shop in autumn/winter mode since August. I've not gone too crazy, just a few new pieces to make that transition...

Black Rolled Brim Bowler Hat
I'm not sure if the shape of my face or the fact that I wear my hair up a lot but I always end up avoiding buying hats. I thought it was time I at least got one hat this autumn as I often feel like my outfit needs an extra something. Though fedora's have been popular this summer, I thought a bowler hat was probably more 'me' and would work more with my outfits in the autumn.

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Double Shot
This is my second ever MAC lipstick which I purchased along with . My lips are naturally dark brown so this lipstick is only a touch darker than a 'nude' shade for me. I love the texture which glides on smoothly and stays put for much longer than some of my favourite drugstore lippies.

Dark Green Check Bodycon Dress 
Check and tartan patterns are my favourite trend for this season and this dress makes putting a casual outfit together effortless. I've mostly been wearing this dress with black platform boots and a duster coat. I'm slowly adding more pieces to my wardrobe which 'hug' (rather than drape over) my figure and this dress is surprisingly flattering.

in Espresso & Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Cocoa 
I love the new shades of 'Gelly' nail effects from Barry M for this season, which are the kind of hues you'd expect to see in autumn. It was hard to choose between their mustard yellow, deep orange and chilli red nail polishes but I eventually restrained my purchase to this chocolate brown (Cocoa) which looks so gorgeous on. I tend to wear a lot of dark attire this time of year so I picked up this black matte nail paint as it was one of the few shades I don't have already which will suit most of my autumn wardrobe.

I don't think I've ever posted a picture of myself wearing my specs on this blog, partly because I live in contact lenses and also as I've never found glasses that actually suit me. I've always loved the look of tortoiseshell glasses but always resigned to buying thick square black frames as I assumed these would compliment my face shape the most. FYI the ones I own don't, but I rarely wear my glasses out of the house anyway so finally took a punt on a style I wouldn't usually go for. I love these enough to actually wear them in public.

Have you made any autumn-related purchases recently?

Christine Stewart x

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