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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sara Hill Makeup | Pink Opal Collection

I blogged about a few Sara Hill goodies I received back in May here and since the brand has been back in touch. I've dying to try the Pink Opal Collection released recently and kindly it was sent over for me to try a few weeks ago.

The Pink Opal Collection (£40)* is a set of four stunning highlighters containing Sara Hill's best-selling pigment Pink Opal alongside the shades Cosmos, Moon Dust and Rose Quartz. Pink Opal is the only pigment which can be purchased individually so the other 3 shades are currently exclusive to this collection. The Pink Opal Collection is described on the Sara Hill website as 'intergalactic loose pigment highlighters for your inner alien' and I couldn't agree more. All of the colours have a metallic feel to them and whilst I've built up quite a collection of highlighters this year, nothing I have is even remotely like these. It's like a glitter and a highlight had a beautiful (shiny) baby.

Each pigment is smooth and easy to work with and it's so finely milled you almost don't realise there's tiny specks of glitter running through them. A little really goes a long way with these too. The dull winter light has made capturing the true beauty of these pigments difficult but in person they swatch metallic, rather than chalky.

Swatches top to bottom: Cosmos, Moon Dust, Pink Opal and Rose Quartz 

Moon Dust has to be my favourite of the four. I'm always attracted to warm shades and this pigment has a distinct gold tone whilst Cosmos is silver. Pink Opal also looks like a white highlight but when swatched has a very strong, magenta tone to it. Rose Quartz is a deceptively baby pink powder but produces a silver tone with pink running through it when swatched. I've preferred to wear the pinker tones as eyeshadows or dabbed onto the inner corner of my eyes but they look beautiful dotted on the cheekbones, cupid's bow and brow bone too.

As they're quite metallic, to make them more wearable for daytime makeup looks I've been applying them after mixing with a little of Inglot's infamous Duraline. If you haven't tried Duraline yet, a dot of this product turns powders into a waterproof liquid and breathes life into dried out gel makeup. A little duraline makes the metallic nature of the pigments more visible and it allows it to melt into the skin a little more seamlessly.

Overall this is a beautiful collection and as I need to use so little these pigments will last me a long time. You can get the Pink Opal Collection from the Sara Hill website .

*samples - read my disclaimer .

Which highlighters do you like?

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Review | Sara Hill Makeup

Launched in Summer last year, is the brain-child of Scottish-born makeup Artist turned Magazine Editor Sara Hill. She's an intriguing character and described as a "non-conformist, expert beauty that doesn't patronise, apologise or explain" - definitely my kind of woman. Her makeup brand is inspired by "fashion, club kids, pop culture" and interestingly "chain-smoking aunties". Her collection features a kaleidoscope of glitters, pigments and lip colours as well as foundations and concealers. I am impressed with the quality of both the packaging and the products themselves however they do come with a pretty premium price tag.

Left to right clockwise (£27), (£16), (£15), (£15), (£17) and (£17)* 

I created an easy makeup look with a few of the products sent over. I applied the luxury face primer first, underneath my usual foundation which left a nice smooth finish. I then swept a little of the Treasure Chest eyeshadow over my lids which is a neutral taupe brown. I found the eyeshadow quite chalky but the colour really suits my skintone so I'll try more looks using this in future. I then smudged a little black kohl eyeliner around my eyes to give them a bit more dimension.

I'm wearing the Sadie Doll Lipstick in the picture above which is a beautiful bright orange red. It's not a colour I would usually go for but it's a welcome change. I applied the Retro Red Lip pencil underneath which is a different colour to the Sadie Doll lipstick but you can't even see it once the lipstick is applied. The lip products here are my favourites as they're all stunningly pigmented and leave a gorgeous smooth finish.

Overall I really loved these products and it's great to be introduced to a quality brand I was previously unfamiliar with. Sara Hill Makeup is all about bold colour so here I've only really dipped my toe into a small section of what they have to offer. If you love bright bold colours, glitters and are prepared to pay a bit more for quality makeup this may the brand for you. As far as I can tell Sara Hill Makeup is only available online through their .

What makeup have you been wearing lately?

Christine Stewart x

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