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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Style | Summer Shoe Staples

Now it's officially summer I know there's a few styles I'll be relying on throughout the season.

ASOS Black Lace-Up Peep Toe Ankle Boots | ASOS Nude Pointed Mule Flats | Converse All Star Mono Canvas Sneakers 

These are my favourite of my summer shoe staples. I had to stalk these shoes on the ASOS website for a few weeks as they kept going out of stock and I couldn't find anything else like them on the highstreet. I love the block heel which isn't too high so these are actually comfortable to walk around in. They look so cute on (you can see a snap ) and add an extra edge to relatively causal outfits. I've been wearing them most with high-wasited jeans and loose tees.

I've been looking for a nude pair of shoes for so long for those outfits where black footwear just doesn't cut it. I went back to basics with these slip-ons. I love the leather-look finish with minimal detail. These are perfect for a lazy summer outfit like denim shorts and a cami or a baggy shirt dress.

I don't really wear trainers but I love converse. I have them in quite a few different colours and currently this all white pair are my favourite. These have been worn the most out of the shoes here as Converse are always my go-to shoe in the summer. I love these with stripy dresses and bleached denim.

What shoes have you been wearing this season?

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Black Shoe Haul | Autumn 2014

Black shoes account for about 95% of my footwear and yet I can never seem to have quite enough of them. I've been using the autumn season as an excuse to add some new shoes to my collection and I'm sure these 3 pairs will get the most wear over the coming months.

For the days it's not thundering with rain and not cold enough to freeze my toes I'll be relying on these flats. I don't usually like pointy shoes as my feet are pretty wide but these look quite cute on and were the bargain price of £4 in the Primark sale.

I have so many pairs of brogues in random colours but strangely I haven't owned any in black until now. I'm a big fan of keeping it simple so the clean, classic design suits me to a tee. These brogues work perfectly with my tailored trousers and checked dresses which I'll be wearing this season.

I find it really hard to not buy several of what I have already which has led me to have so many variants of the Chelsea Boot. I couldn't resist another pair and surely one more pair of Chelsea Boots can't hurt? I love the cut out detail and the gold buckle on these which are a cool twist on the classic design.

What are you favourite shoes to wear?

Christine Stewart x

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Wardrobe | Strappy Sandals

Lately I've been loving wearing heeled strappy sandals. I don't wear heels often unless they're cleverly concealed platform boots as me and heels are usually a disaster. FYI I tend to look like Bambi trying to walk around in roller skates, but I'm hoping by wearing these more often I'll eventually look slightly more elegant in heels.

I got the two black pairs from and the pink pair from . I can't remember the exact prices but all of them were under £20, so a total bargain for me. I love how these shoes instantly transform my outfits, making it look like I've put in more effort. I'd love to add a white pair to the small collection above to finish off a few outfits which don't quite work with black or pink shoes.

What's in your summer wardrobe? 

Christine Stewart x