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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Style | Logo Tee & raw hem denim

I'm an explorer at heart but in lieu of a holiday abroad I've been roaming a lot around Manchester. Despite living here my whole life there's just so much I haven't seen and one thing I love about Manchester is there's such a clash of cultures and architecture that so many parts that feel like you're in a different country or era entirely. The backdrop for these photos is one of those spots and for roaming I keep it simple (as with most of what I do), so a tee and denim skirt was a natural fit.

Top - Lee* | Skirt - Topshop | Shoes - Converse | Watch - Timex* | Bag - Monki (old)

Photography - Mike Burchardt | 

*samples - read my disclaimer here.

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Style | Lace & Beads

Topshop has stolen all of my coins of late. I'm on Oxford Street a lot and the Topshop store there is absolutely huge with so many brands that I'm always wandering in to buy a last-minute outfit. I've had a few formal events lately where my usual ultra-casual attire doesn't quite cut it so I've grabbed a few dressier pieces.

The latest addition is this cami top with pep hem from Manchester-based brand Lace & Beads. The label's speciality is embellished pieces, tulle dresses and floral embroidery - ideal for special occasions. When I need to be dressed up this top works well with a black midi skirt and heels but I purposely picked it to mix with the rest of my wardrobe when I don't need to be so formal. I wore it casually here with Topshop Mom jeans - my favourite cut of denim currently - and some crisp new Vans.

Top - (via Topshop in store) | Jeans -  | Shoes - (Schuh exclusives)

Photography - Mike Burchardt | @burchardtlens

What have you been wearing? 

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Style | Topshop Fluted Blouse

Blouses are almost entirely absent from my wardrobe currently. I've been too accustomed to buying tees but I really love exaggerated and floaty sleeves so I couldn't resist peachy number from Topshop. It's a beaut and I find it hard not to swish around (like an absolute idiot) in this.

It comes in a few other colours including black (which I usually gravitate towards) but I thought I'd try a different colour for once and I really love it. You may see me in more colour soon as a result...maybe. 

It's so easy to dress up or down, like most of what I buy, but I've mostly been wearing this top casually. I have a habit of finding something I like and buying it in every colour - hence the addition of another a-line denim skirt here but I've also been wearing this blouse tucked into shredded mom jeans.

Blouse - | Skirt & Ring - | Belt - | Choker - | Watch - *

Photography - Mike Burchardt | 

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

What have you loved wearing lately? 

Christine Stewart x

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Style | Back in Black

Just as I was starting to retire my Winter clothes to the back of my wardrobe the sunny weather quickly faded back to grey and windy this weekend. As much as I'm itching for some more sun I do love having an excuse to throw on this faux fur aviator jacket from Topshop. I bought this jacket at the beginning of January and it has got me through so many cold Manchester days. The lining makes it so warm and cosy I've only really needed to wear a t-shirt underneath recently.

Jacket - | Top & Joggers - | Shoes - | Choker -

I've been trying to experiment with colour but I always gravitate back to black, hence the almost all black affair here. I can't help it, it's my comfort zone. Speaking of comfort, I'm pretty much always in slouchy, oversized fits now too. I've been wearing these ASOS White denim joggers almost constantly since I got them so I think I'm going to have to grab another pair. As usual the styling is simple and I teamed them here with a cropped polo and converse that have seen better days.

A tad sidenote but I just wanted to take a moment to thank the photographer who took these photos - Mike Burchardt aka . Style posts have always been few and far between on this blog mostly as I usually take a lot of my photos myself indoors where I don't have much space. It's that or have to pester my poor boyfriend to tear himself away from work or studying to take a few shots. I've always felt really awkward in front of the camera too and hated taking pictures in public (ironically) but in the last year my confidence has soared and I'm definitely excited to work with more photographers in the future.  

What have you been wearing lately?

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Style | Forever 21 Khaki Jacket

I show very little of my style on my blog but I'm hoping that's about to change. A couple of things have held me back in creating more style posts up until now - very few opportunities to actually shoot outdoors, a lack of space and lighting indoors to take full length shots and I started to scrutinise whether my personal style was actually 'fashionable'. I love blogging but the standard is so high in the blogging community that sometimes I forget that I really shouldn't put so much pressure on something I started for fun.

I've been dressing more casual lately in general and this Forever 21 jacket has been my go-to now it's warmer. I've mostly been wearing it with dainty camis like the one here and converse. I don't like trainers usually but I love a pair of converse sneakers and I've been collecting a few pairs in white as they go with almost everything. I've also finally got over not getting my legs out for two reasons - it has been gorgeously sunny in the UK and I've become almost entirely unbothered about the scarring on my legs which I've kept hidden for the past few years.

I have stretch marks (thanks puberty), dark knees and brown pitted scarring on my lower left leg but I've stopped caring. I'll admit my legs are starting to look more even now and my u-turn on hating my legs is partly due to the fact that I'm wearing tights here. I was sent some (£9)* way back in March but haven't worn them until the last couple of weeks. I'm wearing Ownbrown's lightest shade Amani which are darker than my skintone but as they're sheer you can barely even tell I'm wearing tights in person.

Top - | Jacket - | Shorts - | Tights - * | Shoes - | Rings - & * | Watch -

Primark has some tights which work great for medium or tanned skin but before I stumbled upon these for years I used to joke that creating a line of nude tights for darker skin was my billion dollar idea. I love that women like Ownbrown founder Nadine Njoko Peisker are finally taking it upon themselves to create products to solve the lack of diversity on the market currently. These Ownbrown tights are so comfortable, not overly shiny and are the right amount of sheer at 20 denier. I was sent a size large (which is a size bigger than I need according to the size guidelines) but they fit perfectly. You only get one pair in a pack which is a shame as I have a tendency to catch my nails on my tights. These have so far surprisingly survived 2 wears and (hand) washing so I'll be grabbing another pair as a back up.

*sample - read my disclaimer .

What have you been wearing lately? 

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Style | Forever 21 Blazer & Missguided Playsuit

It's rare that I actually spend time exploring Manchester, which is a shame as I don't live too far from the centre. Recently a really good friend of mine left Manchester to return to her home in Australia. In her short 2 years staying in Manchester she has seen far more than I have my twenty-something years of living here. There's so much to do and I want to make more time to see Manchester. In that same vein, me and my other half did the tourist-y thing and visited , an 87-storey skyscraper in Southwark recently. The views are gorgeous and it was good to gaze at the sights I don't see enough of.

I didn't plan to make a blog post out of my visit, so this is an impromptu outfit post. I've been wearing this Forever 21 Boyfriend Blazer a lot recently as it's so comfy and the playsuit is a Missguided favourite I haven't worn since November. It's a little short on me, but I love the floral detail and white collar so I'm going to make a point of wearing it a lot more this summer.

Playsuit - | Blazer - | Shoes - | Belt - | Bag - | Watch -

What have you been wearing?

Christine Stewart x

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Friday, 16 January 2015

New In | Black & Gold Accessories

This season I've loved having an excuse to wear a lot of black. In fact the other day I was dressed exclusively head-to-toe in black. Bright colour has never really been my 'thing' and though it may seem a little drab to draped in such sombre tones, I usually look for items with some kind of detailing, trim or texture to make it more visually exciting. My wardrobe is brimming with black and gold accessories as a result, so maybe it's not surprising then that the newest additions to my collection have been following the same colour combo.

Shoes - | Bag - | Necklaces - | Purse -

The Topshop arm candy (£40) was a present from my boyfriend at Christmas. After favouring a giant H&M grey handbag for the past few months (seen ), it's been nice to downsize and not carry every item known to man around in my bag everyday. This version with the gold detailing is currently sold out online, but they have a very similar rose gold version still available. I bought the River Island Purse (£17) separately, but oddly the texture surrounding the back of the purse matches my bag perfectly. I'm not usually a fan of snake skin, but the contrasting textures and the chevron pattern on the front is a nice touch.

I've not been wearing flat shoes a lot lately instead opting for chunky platform or heeled boots, but it's been good to give my feet a break now and again. These double strap 'almond toe' shoes (£10) from Primark are a cute basic, comfy (now I've broken them in) and easy to slip on to complete a relaxed outfit.

Every aspect of my style is simplistic and minimal, including jewellery. I have a penchant for dainty necklaces and these two gold pieces (roughly £3 each) are from Forever 21. The store has an overwhelming array of glittering chains, bracelets and earrings so it's hard for me to ever stick to just a few purchases when frequenting the accessory department (which is why shamefully my trinket boxes are filled with fashion jewellery).

What kind of accessories do you like?

Christine Stewart x

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What I Wore | Pink Zara Skirt

I had so many photos from Saturday's outing to (AFWL) I decided to post the details of my outfit separately. I knew I wanted to wear some colour to the event but I stayed true to my personal style - simple and understated.

I finally donned a skirt which has been hiding in my wardrobe since I bought it from a couple of months ago. I love it but I haven't had an excuse to wear it until now. Considering this skirt is 'scuba' material, bright pink and really hugs my figure, it's actually quite flattering. I thought about pairing it with so many other different tops but eventually I settled on this crisp white shirt with sheer panel from .

My shoes are a new buy from the sale and I got so many compliments on them. Initially I was unsure about purchasing 'mule heels' as I didn't think they'd fit with my personal style but I was so wrong! I love anything that's easy to throw on and I always prefer to be comfortable and fashionable (if possible). These shoes are so chic and really beautiful in person. I found these heels surprisingly comfortable even though I was walking around in them for most of the day!

Top & Necklace - | Skirt - | Shoes - | Sunglasses -

What have you been wearing lately?

Christine Stewart x

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Style | High Waist Jeans

Isn't it great when you find a pair of jeans which actually fit perfectly? I get a strange sense of achievement when this happens, as for me it doesn't happen very often. Until the last month or so I've really struggled to find skinny high waist jeans that fit me properly. Most of the ones I tried which fit over my thighs were baggy around the waist and I (embarrassingly) couldn't even get my foot into a 'super skinny' pair from ASOS. With mid-rise jeans I usually throw a belt on to make the fit work but it doesn't seem to work as well with high waist jeans.

Just when I'd given up a friend from work prodded me to try Topshop's . With so much buzz around these jeans already I probably don't need to say much about them. Topshop describes these as 'spray-on skinny leg jeans' and they really do fit like a glove. I recently found a  pair in Miss Selfridge which are almost identical in look and fit to the Topshop Joni Jeans, and slightly cheaper. I'm now alternating between wearing the two even though we're in the height of the summer season. Admittedly, at times even the British weather is too hot to survive in these all day but these jeans are my go-to on rainy days. 

Have you ever worn high waist jeans?

Christine Stewart x

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

NOTD | Topshop Matte Nails in Easy Peasy

I picked up this Matte Nail Polish in Easy Peasy (£6) the other week from their Oxford Street store and I love how it looks on. I've never really been a fan of matte nails and it was hard to resist putting my usual shiny topcoat on these but I've really warmed to the flat finish.

If you've ever been to the Topshop store in Oxford Street Manchester, you'll know there's huge selection of nail colours. I'm not sure what made me pick up this dusty grey amongst the shelves of glittery, bright and metallic shades but I was just drawn to it. I've mentioned a few times on my blog that I prefer more muted tones, though I am trying to be a little more adventurous in general with my style. That doesn't mean I'll stop wearing what I love most though and this nail polish suits me to a tee.

What have you been wearing on your nails recently?

Christine Stewart x

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summer Wardrobe | Round Sunglasses

I often take a 'less is more' approach to styling, especially with accessories, and this has led me to use the same oversized aviators every summer for the past couple of years. In general I'm trying to be slightly more daring with my style, which is pretty simplistic, but I've started small by changing up my accessories.

One of my friends from work has the coolest round sunglasses which he got from Urban Outfitters last year and ever since I spied them on him I've had a little obsession with finding the perfect pair for me. There's so many gorgeous retro-inspired shades on the high-street at the moment I've found it hard to resist purchasing a few. These 3 here are only a small selection of the round sunnies I've been hoarding this summer.

Primark | Topshop | ASOS (from top to bottom)

It's hard for me to blog about my personal style and not include an item from Primark. Everything in Primark is super cheap and, it's a bad habit but, this leads me to buy a lot. Their sunglasses range from £1-£3 and these (£3) are just one of many I've got from Primark this year. This is the only pair I have in tortoise shell and I love the oversized look. I'm wearing this Primark pair in my last OOTD.

The (£12) are currently my favourite sunnies and surprisingly I can pair them easily with a lot of my outfits. To me they're 'teashades' or 'John Lennon glasses' but with a more modern finish. I've often avoided these types of round glasses in the past as I thought they'd look awkward on my face, but these are the perfect size.

The  (£15) are also a flattering size but the wire-look frame give these a more 60s-inspired finish than the Topshop sunnies. These shades work perfectly with summer festival staples - floaty dresses (like this one), patterned pieces, loose tees and clothes with fringe detailing.

It's ironic that I post this as it's been pouring with rain in Manchester today but I have been relying on my sunnies quite a lot lately!

What's in your summer wardrobe?

Christine Stewart x