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Saturday, 28 February 2015

New In | Feb 2015 [Beauty]

I've not switched up my makeup routine in a long time and I thought it was about time I tried something new, notably the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99) and MAC Pro Longwear Foundation (£25).

I've always loved my MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation as the texture and coverage is amazing. I've stuck with it for 5 years as it looks so good when it's applied. Unfortunately it just doesn't last on my oily skin quite long enough. I've tried to make the foundation last longer with the aid of a primer, a setting spray and even by mixing it with another of MAC's foundations but my skin always wins and kicks this product off my face. I finally resigned to buying a new foundation altogether. It was  old video by Sammi from  in which she compares various different MAC foundations which convinced me to switch to Pro Longwear Foundation. So far it has not disappointed.

The texture of this foundation is so different to the Sculpt. It's really lightweight and leaves a really smooth finish which thankfully lasts a lot longer. The coverage of this product is sheer to medium and whilst I usually prefer as high coverage as possible, the finish is so natural-looking I don't mind some of my blemishes peeping through my makeup (as much).

As well as a new foundation I also bought a new makeup sponge. I used to love using sponges to apply makeup and I'm not quite sure why I stopped. With the right sponge your makeup can look like skin and who doesn't want that as opposed to cake face? I've been tempted by the Beauty Blender which has received so much hype over the web but I just can't part with 16 whole pounds for a sponge! I love the Real Techniques brushes I own, so their Miracle Complexion Sponge (and the fact that it's more purse-friendly) seemed like a natural fit.

Admittedly I had to watch Sam's video  on how to use the sponge first as the different edges have different uses. The flat side at the bottom helps apply makeup to the face, the round side blends product out and the pointed edge is great for applying concealer. The design of the sponge in general helps it serve various functions and for a relatively cheap buy I'm really impressed with the results.

What having you been buying lately?

Christine Stewart x

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

What's in my makeup bag? | August 2014

From top left clockwise - Ben Nye Luxury Powder | Real Techniques Powder Brush | Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner | MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation | Sleek Makeup Face Form | Sleek Makeup Brow Kit | Travel Atomiser | MAC Viva Glam Lipstick | Real Techniues Mini Trio | Le Volume De Chanel | Travel Makeup Tin | Rimmel Manchester Brow This Way

I've been meaning to do one of these posts for some time as I always get asked what products my daily makeup routine includes. I rarely change what I use unless it's lipstick or blusher so these products are some of my favourites. I often use easy and convenient products that are small enough to carry around in my makeup bag day after day.

Powder - (£7.50)
I've been using this powder for a long time and originally reviewed this product . I love this powder for setting my foundation and colour works perfectly for my skintone. Carrying around the whole bottle can lead to powder getting everywhere so I usually depot a small amount of this product into an empty pot with a sifter.

Brushes -  (£9.99) & (£9.99)
I've become quite a hoarder when it comes to Real Techniques Brushes, so much so that I can't fit most of my favourites into my everyday makeup bag. I picked up the Mini Brush Trio a couple of weeks ago so I could fit more brushes into my makeup bag. It includes a mini foundation brush, shader brush for eyeshadow and a blush brush. I also have a Real Techniques Powder Brush to set my face with powder.

Liner -  (£12)
This liner is essentially a felt tip pen and I love it. I don't reach for this often but I have it in my makeup bag as it makes flirty flicks fast and easy.

Foundation -  (£25)
I've been wearing this foundation almost solidly since I first discovered MAC in 2009. In terms of finish nothing beats this foundation for me as it looks so natural with maximum coverage. The only downside is that this foundation doesn't last on my oily combination skin as long as other MAC foundations like the Studio Fix Fluid and . As with my powder, I depot my foundation so I don't have to carry around the whole tube on a daily basis. I use an empty 10ml travel tin (pictured) which I got from eBay allowing me to free up space in my makeup bag.